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    Camden NSW - YSCN

    Mornin' all,
    This is my 'local' airfield - Camden is an hour or so southwest of Sydney. Among other things, Camden was the base for the RAAF Central Flying School between 1940-1942. Many of the original Bellman hangars still exist, plus one or two older-looking ones.

    I thought it appropriate to add a photo taken last week, from a Tiger Moth:

    The Tiger is online at my flying school and I've been flying it for the last few months for something different. With the hangars around the place Camden still feels pretty authentic. Flying a Tiger Moth off the grass runway, early in the morning and all rugged up against the autumn chill, is pretty special!

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    Thats a nice photo, I'd love to fly in a Tiger Moth somday too. Do you have any other photos of the hangars, tower etc?

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