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    I think these photos were taken from 10 Sqn aircraft. If you look at bottom right your will see H 10 and B 10, possibly aircraft coded H and B of 10 Sqn. I have seen similar annotations on target photos from 7 Sqn. 10 Sqn were based at Leeming until Aug 42 when they moved to Melbourne. This would tie in nicely with the MEL annotation on the left with the target date.

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    I had a look in the book 'Melbourne Ten' by Brian Rapier and similarly annotated photographs are in there too . The letter and number next to the pilots name are the aircraft callsign and squadron number . The target photographs posted above are without doubt from 10 Squadron Halifax aircraft and the book also lists the dates and targets of the squadron operations which coincide with the 1944 dates . I will post the book details in the Research Media section . Interestingly in 1945 DFC's were awarded to A/FL George Blackwell and F/L Frederick Rose both of 10 Squadron and perhaps the same gentlemen named on the photographs ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by canberra View Post
    Another possibilty is Medmenham library. Medmenham was the home of recce HQ and was where I would have thought all photos taken would have eventually ended up. Maybe someone who has contacts in the RAF recce world can help us?
    Information on the location of RAF aerial reconnaissance photographs is shown at the following link

    I have visited the NMR at Swindon which seems to hold the English material

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    Quote Originally Posted by ColinBa View Post
    Information on the location of RAF aerial reconnaissance photographs is shown at the following link

    I have visited the NMR at Swindon which seems to hold the English material
    Please be aware that the contact info for the Wales collection is completely wrong, you will get a very fed up man in estates!

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    From David Thompson

    The streets of a small North Yorkshire town were lined with well-wishers
    and proud families as personnel from 2 Force Protection Wing, RAF Regiment,
    including 34 Sqn RAF Regiment, celebrated their homecoming from Afghanistan.

    The parade through Bedale today (January 21 2010), was accompanied by the
    Band of the RAF Regiment and marked the end of a difficult seven-month
    commitment for the squadron, which lost Cpl Marcin Wojtak to an IED explosion
    on 1 October.

    Following the parade, personnel were presented with their campaign medals
    in a ceremony attended by Deputy HM Lord Lieutenant of North Yorkshire, Air
    Commodore Simon Bostock RAF (Retd), Station Commander RAF Leeming, Group
    Captain William Gibson, and Mayor of Bedale, Wanda Reynolds. The event
    concluded with a reception for parade personnel.

    Those on parade were deeply touched by the support shown by the people of
    Bedale. Squadron Leader ‘George’ Formby, Officer Commanding 34 Sqn RAF
    Regiment said: “It was an emotional day and we were very impressed by the
    turn-out. We certainly didn’t expect that many people – it was a very warm
    welcome. The guys have now seen for themselves just how respected they are and
    how appreciative people are of the job they are doing. It was a very
    poignant day with the high point of coming back set against the low point of
    losing Cpl Wojtak. It was a fitting opportunity for the whole squadron to
    remember him together.”

    Returning from his first operational tour was SAC Gavin Mason. He was
    also overwhelmed by the support received from the people of Bedale “It’s hard
    to put it into words but it made the hair stand up on the back of my neck
    that people would come out and clap for us. It was a hard deployment but I’
    ve done it and know what’s expected in the future. I’m part of the team

    Gavin, who celebrated his 20th birthday in Afghanistan, also remembered his
    colleague who did not make it home. He said: “Marcin will not be
    forgotten – he was the one person we could always go to if we had any problems.”

    RAF Leeming’s Station Commander, Group Captain William Gibson added: “It
    is a tremendous honour to welcome back 2 Force Protection Wing. We are
    extremely appreciative of the support provided by the Mayor and the town’s
    people of Bedale to all at RAF Leeming and the Regiment in particular. We would
    like to thank them all for the tremendous support to us as part of the
    local community.”

    2 Force Protection Wing’s role at Camp Bastion was to work alongside
    international forces to protect the air base, and in particular the air assets
    which operate out of there on a daily basis. This involved conducting daily
    patrols outside the base and forming relationships with the local
    community and elders in order to build their trust.

    34 Sqn RAF Regiment personnel also formed part of the Medical Evacuation
    Response Team (MERT), a Chinook reaction team attending to military and
    civilian casualties. The 34 Sqn personnel provided close protection which
    enabled medics and doctors to tend to their patients as safely as possible
    within a potentially fraught environment.

    2 Force Protection Wing have now had some much-deserved leave, and are
    getting ready to enter a new training phase before their next deployment later
    this year.

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    is leeming still a operational airfield or has it been dropped to a training field

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    Operational with 100 Squadron flying Hawks , 90 Signals Unit , 34 Squadron RAF Regiment , 609 (WR) Squadron RAuxAF , 10 Field Squadron (REME) , JFACTSU , YUAS and NUAS the last two with Grob Tutors . Its mission statement is "The role of RAF Leeming is to train for , deliver and support UK and Expetitionary air operations" . A load of bull***t I know but that seems to be the corporate view of the Royal Air Force these days !

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    29 March 2008 saw the final photocall for 25 Sqn before they disbanded.

    Tornado F.3 ZE728/FZ was positioned nicely for some photos, this is one I took of her;

    One of the Hardened Aircraft Shelter's at Leeming, HAS Number 18;

    25 Sqn Crew Room

    and this nice piece of artwork was inside;

    A general view of the C Type Hangars;

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    Default RAF Leeming

    Can some one tell me what these buildings are used for??

    also looking at this base it, seems very large, does all this stuff still get used

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    No 1 - Don't know but probably related to Typhoon?

    No 2 - A HAS (Hardened Air Shelter) for housing a single aircraft.

    No 3 - Munitions Storage Area with storage 'igloos'. Overbuilt on the site of the pre-war and post war bomb stores.

    No 4 - A BFI (Bulk Fuel Installation) with two tanks for aviation turbine fuel

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