Does anyone have a picture of this?

A weather vane was originally presented to Weymouth College in 1932 as a memorial to former pupil, Flight Lieutenant (later Wing Commander) George Stainforth AFC.

He set a world record air speed of 406.92 mph in a Schneider supermarine S6B seaplane in 1931. and later went to break another record of flying upside down for 12 minutes after he became an experimental pilot at Farnborough.

He was killed at the age of 43 , in a plane crash in 1942 while serving in the RAF in the Western Desert.

The weather vane was originally erected above Weymouth College Chapel but was taken down during the Second World War.

It was presented to the borough of Weymouth and placed in Greenhill gardens in 1952. After years of sea spray and coastal winds, the vane had to be taken down for restoration . This was done by Jim Avery and the vane has now returned to its home in the gardens.