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Thread: SELSEY - RAF Selsey Blue Plaque Memorial

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    Default SELSEY - RAF Selsey Blue Plaque Memorial

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    As a child I lived at Selsey and when the Spitfires were there we could cross the road here, where the memorial now stands.

    If you go a little further along the road towards the church yard you will see a modern house on the left.
    This house was occupied by the sqdn leaders and when the war had finished their names were still painted on the bedroom doors.

    Before the war I used to walk with my granall round here and a little further on in the trees on the left is what remains of a pre war hanger where there were often light aeroplanes parked. Full of farm stuff now.

    On the other side of this airfield-the Chichester rd, stood my grand mother"s lovely thatched cottage which was pulled down when the RAF arrived.

    It seems strange these but we used to climb a tree in our garden to get a better view when the Spit"s were landing as they came over the house with undercart and flaps down.

    short shetland

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    Default Re: RAF Selsey

    Very nice blue plaque memorial Richard. Lovely little story there short shetland. Cheers both of you.

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