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    Thought i'd post up some pictures i took at the old former Desford aerodrome today.

    Most of this all grass airfield dissapeared when the Catterpiller digger company took over the site in the early 1980's and unfortunatley they demolished the majority of the 1930's style buildings including the control tower and replaced them with huge modern warehouses but there's still the odd gem to be found around the site which was used as for training before, during and after the war untill August 1953.

    This is part of the large hanger complex on the south side of the airfield that was once used by Reid and Sigrist for assembling, repairing and building many aircraft types such as b.25's, Defiants, spitfires and many more.

    There are three of these small buildings standing fairly close to each other. Anybody know what they were? Im quite intrigued. They stand close by to what i think was the airmans shower block. (Which has been demolished since my last visit here several years ago.) Heres another example below.

    Another of Desford's hanger complexes that is still standing on the northern side of the aerodrome. Note the anti-collision lights still on the roof.
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