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    Rudolf Schütze took off from Banak to ecploit a suitable position for another „Kröte“ station on or near Nowaja Zemlya and attempted to land on 20 July on Meshdusharsskij Island At the end of the landing run, the wheels of the Heinkel 111 sank in the soft ground and the aircraft became blocked. The crew informed by radio the base at Banak of the mishap, and another aircraft took off, with tools, planks and beams aboard, to drop at the landing place for constructing a wooden path by the crew. After about 15 hours of hard work the crew succeeded to taxy out from the soft place and take off for Banak, where they landed in the early hours of the next day.
    However that flight proved the feasibility of landing on the island and to set up there an automatic weather station in the coming months

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    What a great name for an airfield!

    Interesting link too, thanks for that, its now bookmarked!

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