Adlestrop and Daylesford WWII transit camp used by the 7th Battalion, Worcestershire Regiment and 165 Infantry Brigade, Reinforcement Camp for 5th King's Regiment (1941)

Ashchurch (AAF number n/a) WWII US Army General Store Depot G-25. Detachment 'B', 1962nd Ordnance Depot Company (Aviation)

Ashton Keynes (AAF number n/a) WWII US Army 826th Engineer Aviation Battalion Wiltshire Border

Aston Down Volunteer/TF Annual Camp

Ashton Court, Clifton, Bristol WWII US Army Camp prior to D-Day

Batsford Park, Moreton-in-Marsh WWII HQ Reinforcement Camp. US Military Hospital, 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th & 15th Hospital Trains

Bishop’s Cleeve WWII HQ 164th Brigade 1941

Blockley WWII US Army, 29th Platoon Ship Hospital

Bourton-on-the Hill
Possible Army Camp (SP1532)

WWII US Army Camp, 44th Armoured Infantry Battalion

Bristol WWI 2nd Southern General Hospital

Bristol WWII US 1st Army HQ, plus numerous other units

Bristol WWII No.7 Bomb Disposal Company (RE), Bomb Disposal School with RE instructors, US Army 234th Bomb Disposal Company

Bristol, Avonmouth WWII US Army, 6th Field Hospital (400 beds)

Bristol, Clifton College
WWII RASC Officer Cadet Training Unit, US HQ V Corps, First Army command post and signals centre

Bristol (Clifton), 10 Elmdale Road
WWI RFC No.5 School of Aeronautics

Bristol, Eastville Park WWII Dunkirk Evacuation Camp

Bristol, Frenchay Hospital
WWII US Military Hospital, 2nd and 77th Evacuation Hospitals; 152nd Station Hospital; 289th, 100th, 117th and 52nd General Hospitals

Bristol (G-35) WWII US Army General Stores & Medical Depot G-35

Bristol, Horfield Barracks WWI 3rd AA Group HQ

Bristol, Muller's Orphanage WWII US Army Depot

Bristol, Over Court Manor, Almondsbury WWII US Army Camp, 2nd Ordnance Bomb Disposal Squadron (Manor – reputedly haunted – since demolished)

Bristol, Shirehampton WW1 Remount Depot, WWII US Army Camp

Bristol, Sea Mills, Shirehampton WWII US Army Camp 582 / 583rd Port Company

Bristol (AAF-473) WWII US Army 4th QM Battalion, 7th Ordnance Bomb Disposal Squadron, 11th Ship Hospital, US Army 1512th QM Truck Battalion; 9th AF 21st Weather Squadron, 40th Mobile Comms Sqn (dets)

Bristol, Tithe Barn, High Street ? WWII Bristol Garrison HQ

Bristol, Victoria Park, Bedminster Camp WWII US Army Storage Depot

WWII US 501st Quartermaster Railhead Company

Charlton WWII Military US Military Hospital

Cheltenham, Marlborough House ? WWI RFC No.8 School of Aeronautics

Cheltenham (AAF number n/a) WWII US Army 47th Liaison Squadron, United States Strategic Air Forces in Europe

Dean Close School Cheltenham ? Pre-WWII Officer Training Corps Annual Camp Stated as being at Farnborough ?

Cheltenham, Imperial Gardens & Queen's Hotel WWII US Army Camp

Cheltenham Racecourse
WWII Reinforcement Camp for 164th Brigade (overflow at Swindon Hall)

Cheltenham WWII US Army, 3rd Medical Dispensary, US Map Depot, 16th Station Hospital

Chipping Campden, Springhill Lodge Camp
WWII US Army Camp, 25th Armoured Engineer Battalion

Chipping Sodbury WWII US 165th Signals Photo Company

(AAF number n/a) WWII US Army 1st Advanced Air Depot C-903 Area

Cirencester (AAF number n/a) WWII US Army 73rd Ordnance Bomb Disposal Squadron, 560th Quartermaster Railhead Company

Cirencester Park WWII US Military Hospital 40th General Hospital & Polish Displaced Persons' Camp

Cirencester Hospitals WWII US Military Hospital No.1 - 2nd General Hospital, 7th Hospital Train, Hospital No.2 - 25th General Hospital,
160th General Hospital, 15th Hospital Center, 12th & 15th Hospital Train, 160th General Hospital, 15th Hospital Center

(AAF number n/a) WWII US Army 755th Chemical Depot Company, 759th Chemical Depot Company (Aviation)

Cricklade WWII AMWD Repair Depot

Daglingworth, Cirencester WWII US Military Hospital & Transit Camp

Dursley WWII US Army Depot, 1st Medical Depot Company, 3233rd Quartermaster Service Company, 10th Medical Lab, 1st Medical Depot Company, 41st and 67th Evacuation Hospital SM

Ebrington Manor (AAF-498) WWII US Army Detachment 'I', 93rd Station Complement Reinforcement Depot

Falfield WWII US 91st Evacuation Hospital SM

Fairford Park WWII US Military Hospital, 32nd General Hospital

Filton (AAF-803) WWII AMWD Repair Depot. US Base Air Assembly Depot AAF 803, 8th Intransit Depot Group

Frampton-on-Severn, Frampton Court WWII US Army Camp

Great Barrington (AAF-422) WWII US Army 925th and 922nd Engineer Aviation Regiments & US Military Hospital

Gloucester Reservoir Camp, Reservoir Road WWII Army Camp occupied in 1944 by 2nd Battalion Gloucestershire Regiment

Gloucester, Robinswood Barracks, Tredworth Used during WWII by the Royal Signals & the Royal Army Service Corps

Gloucester (AAF-364) WWII US Army 8th Fighter Command

Gloucester WWII US 471st Quartermaster Battalion

Highnam Court WWII Overflow Camp US Army 51st, 291st and 296th Engineer Combat Battalions

Innsworth Pre-WWII RAF Training Camp used during WWII as WRAF Depot (SO8621)

Lydney (Q-140) WWII US Army Stores Depot Q-140

Lyndhurst ? Volunteer/TF Annual Camp

Minchinhampton WWII US Military Hospital, 6th Field Hospital (400 beds), 28th Field Hospital 300 beds), 32nd General Hospital

Moreton-in-Marsh, Over Norton Park WWII US Army Camp

Northleach WWII US 999th Quartermaster Salvage Collection Company

Northwick Park, Blockley WWII US Military Hospital, 327th General Hospital became a Polish Displaced Persons Camp

Painswick Park
WWII US Army Camp

Parkend WWII US Army Camp

Patchway WWII US 17th Signals Operation Battalion

Pinkney Park, Sherston, Tetbury WWII US Army 47th QM Group, 308th and 532nd QM Battalions,
207th AAA Group, 452nd AA AW Battalion, Quedgeley WWI I US 309th Quartermaster Railhead Company

Quedgeley (Manor Farm) WWI Convalescent Home & Remount Centre

Sarsden WWII 165 Infantry Brigade HQ (1941)

Sherston WWII US 626th Engineer Company

Stone WWII US 581st Army Postal Unit

Stowell Park, Northleach WWII US Army Camp, 6th Field Hospital; 4th Hospital Train; 44th Hospital Train; 53rd General Hospital & 58th General Hospital

Stow-on-the-Wold, Maugersbury Camp WWII US Army Camp, 73rd Tank Destroyer Battalion

Stroud, The Camp
TA Annual Camp (1926)

Stroud, Painswick House & Beech Plantation WWII Two US Army Camps (one camp for African/Americans)

Stroud, Lypiatt Park WWII US Army Camp, 5th Engineer Combatant Battalion

Teddington (possibly Toddington WWII US Army Camp, 2nd Ordnance Battalion

Tetbury, Parkhouse Camp ? WWII US Army Camp, 42b QM War Dog Platoon (Parkhouse Camp was a WWI Salisbury Plain location)

Tetbury, Westonbirt WWII Army Camp

Tetbury, Westonbirt (AAF-529) WWII US AFSC 1st QM Mobile, Truck Companies. l5th, 6th & 7th Hospital Train; 22nd General Hospital

Tewkesbury (G-25)
WWII US Army General Stores Depot G-25

Tewkesbury, Northway House Camp ?

Teddington Camp ? WWII US Army Camps

Tortworth Court TF/TE Annual Camp used in WWII as a US Army Camp, 26th Signal Construction Btn & US 128th Evacuation Hospital SM

Ullenwood, Cheltenham WWII US 62nd General Hospital,110th Military Hospital. Post WWII AA Ops Bunker

Wapley Common (AAF-515) WWII US 3rd Port Intransit Depot, Base Air Depot Area, 8th AF Intransit Depot Group

Wickwar WWII US Army, 572nd and 767th Engineer Truck Companies

Williamstrip Park (AAF-550) WWII US Army, 2106th Ordnance Ammo Battalion

Winchcomb(e), Toddington Park Camp
WWII US Army Camp, 51st Ordnance Group, 4058th Quartermaster Service Co

Woodland Belt ? WWII US Army Camp, 6th Cavalry Group (Mechanised)

Woodchester WWII US 486th Ordnance Evacuation Company

Wotton-under-Edge WWII US Army, 15th Ordnance Battalion; 45th Evacuation Hospital SM; 50th Ordnance Bomb Disposal

Yate WWII US 3473rd Ordnance MAM Company