Albany Barracks, Parkhurst Depot Barracks Hampshire Regiment

Aldershot Marlborough Lines BARRACKS, built c,1890. Blenheim Barracks demolished 1965, Lille Barracks demolished 1958, Malplaquet Barracks demolished 1965, Oudenarde Barracks, demolished 1965, Ramillies Barracks demolished 1965, Tournay Barracks Demolished 1971

Aldershot Wellington Lines BARRACKS, built c,1859, Beaumont (South Cavalry Barracks) demolished 1975, Warburg (Cavalry Barracks) demolished 1964, Willems (West Cavalry Barracks) demolished 1964, Waterloo (East Artillery Barracks) demolished 1958, Waterloo (West Artillery Barracks) demolished 1958, Badajos (West Infantry Barracks) demolished 1961, Salamanca (Central Infantry Barracks) demolished 1961, Telavera (East Infantry Barracks) demolished 1959

Aldershot Stanhope Lines BARRACKS, built c,1895, Albuhera Barracks demolished 1960s, Barossa Barracks, demolished 1960s, Buller Barracks demolished 1965, Corunna Barracks demolished 1960s, Gibraltar Barracks (No.1 MT Depot) demolished 1964, Maida Barracks demolished 1971, Mandora Barracks demolished 1970, McGrigor Barracks part extant, Clayton Barracks (built c.1928)

Aldershot Montgomery Lines
Arnhem Barracks, Bruneval Barracks, Normandy Barracks & Rhine Barracks are named after four famous airborne actions. Barracks built for the 16th Parachute Brigade (site of Albuhera, Corunna & Barossa Barracks)

Aldershot (other) Browning Barracks built 1964 extant, Buller Barracks built c.1969 extant, Duchess of Kent Barracks built c.1969 extant Hammersley Barracks built c.1964 extant, Queen Alexandria's RANC Barracks built 1967 dem.1998, St Omer Barracks built 1971 extant, WWI/WWII Cambridge Hospital, WWI/WWII Connaught Hospital

Alresford Camp WWII Army Camp

Alton (Aylesfield House) WWII US Detachment 'E', 93rd Station Complement Squadron Reinforcement Depot

Ampfield, Cramp Moor (C14) WWII D-Day Marshalling Area Camp C14

Andover (Q-125) WWII US Army Stores Depot Q-125

Andover, Eastover Camp ? WWII US Army Camp

Andover, Hurstbourne Camp ? WWII US Army Camp

Ashley Walk Volunteer/TF Annual Camp

Bagshot Moor
WWII Army Camp

Barton Stacey, Winchester Camps 'A' to 'D' WWII RE Army Camps – 13th Training Btn RE (Camp 'B'), 85th Chemical Warfare Company, Royal Engineers (Camp 'A' ) during February 1941. 65 Chemical Warfare Company Royal Engineers was also present. No.24 Depot Battalion (Chemical Warfare Training Centre), Elementary Selection Unit, General Service Corps (Camp 'D'). Hampshire (North) Sub-Area HQ

Volunteer/TF Annual Camp

Beaulieu, Stubbs Wood, Penerley Camps (B3 & B4)
WWII D-Day Marshalling Area Camp B3 & B4 (3,328 personnel & 480 vehicles)

Basingstoke, Oakridge Farm ?
WWII Army Camp – possible error, see Sussex

Bassett Wood, Stoneham Golf Course (C11) Bassett Green (C10) WWII Reinforcement Camp for 751 Assault Field Company,
HQ 5 Corps Troops, RE & 10th Infantry Brigade (1941). D-Day Marshalling Area Camp C10 & C11 - Canadian Army units (camp capacity 1,000 personnel at C10)

Becombe ?
WWII Army Camp

WWII US Army Camp, 29th Ordnance Bomb Disposal Squadron

Bramshott, Petersfield WWI Canadian Camp

Bishopstone, Bournemouth ?
WWII REME & Tank Assemble Area & Camp prior to D-Day This is possibly a Sussex site near Brighton

Bordon (SU7936) Quebec, St Lucia Barracks etc 1903 Quebec and St Lucia Barracks completed followed by huts from Longmoor (‘A’ and ‘B’ Lines) which formed Guadeloupe & Martinique Barracks. These four barracks each housed an infantry battalion which made up the Infantry Brigade stationed at Bordon. In 1906-7, Louisburg Barracks was built to house two regiments of Artillery. In 1911 the RE lines and stables were built near the Bordon crossroads to accommodate 26 Field Coy RE.

Bordon In 1937 Quebec and St Lucia Barracks were demolished and new brick barracks were built in their place: these in turn were demolished in 1973 to make way for married quarters. Also in 1937 the building of Havannah Barracks (now Prince Philip Barracks) began, followed shortly by Martinique Barracks (Militia type) to the north. The old hutted Martinique along-side the A325 road was renamed San Domingo Barracks and were demolished in 1967

Botley, Fairlawn ? (A22) WWII D-Day Marshalling Area Camp A22 US Military Hospital (Curdbridge)

Botley, (C3) WWII D-Day Marshalling Area Camp C3 south-west of village

Bourley, Aldershot ? WWI Army Camp

Breamore House WWII US Third Army HQ

Breamore (AAF-440) WWII US Army Detachment YA, 21 Weather Squadron

Bramshott Common WWI/WWII Army Camps used by Canadian units in both world wars WWII North (Camp Ontario), South (Camp Huron)

Bramley, Taylor's Lane Camps, South Camp etc WWI RAOC Depot developed in WWII

Browndown, Gosport
WWII RM Camp & Range, current

Brockenhurst 'A' (B7) WWII D-Day Marshalling Area Camp B7 occupied by the 6th Btn, Border Regiment (camp capacity 1,110 personnel & 159 vehicles)

Brockenhurst 'B', Setley Common (B8) WWII D-Day Marshalling Area Camp B8 (capacity 1,110 personnel & 159 vehicles)

Brookheath WWII US Army Camp, 7th AAA Group

Bulford WWI Veterinary Hospital

Burley, Ringwood WWII Army Camp

Bushfield, Winchester (C5)
WWII Rest Camp known to have been occupied by US Army - 60th Infantry Regiment of the 9th Infantry Division prior to D-Day. D-Day Marshalling Area Camp C5 (camp capacity 2,500 personnel & 430 vehicles)
Bushy Down ? Volunteer/TF Annual Camp (stated to be in Herts)

Cadland Park, Fawley (B1 & B2) WWII D-Day Marshalling Area Camps B1 & B2 (camp capacity 3,328 personnel & 480 vehicles)

Chandler’s Ford, Cranbury Park Hiltingbury (C6, C7, C8 & C9)
WWII D-Day Marshalling Area Camps C6, C7, C8 & C9 - 85th Chemical Warfare Company, Royal Engineers; 46th Field Hospital (camp capacity 11,000 personnel & 2,000 vehicles)

Calshot Foreshore (EAB2)
WWII D-Day Embarkation Area EAB2

Chilworth, Heatherlands Rd, Upper Bassett WWII HQ Starfish Site

Chilworth Common (C24) WWII D-Day Marshalling Area Camp C24 (camp capacity 1,500 personnel & 215 vehicles)

Chilcomb, Magdalen Camp WWI & WWII Army Camp & Firing Range. WWI 252 bed Military Hospital (hutted)

Comacchio / Eastney
WWII Overflow Camp

Cowplain WWII RM Commando Transit Camp prior to D-Day

Collingwood (HMS), Fareham WWII RM Training Establishment

Cove, Morval Barracks WWII Army Camp occupied by BEF units of 51st Highland Division in 1940

Cowdray Park WWII Army Camp for D-Day & ATS Training Camp

Cricket (HMS), Bursledon WWII RN Camp

Crookham, Boyce Barracks (name changed in 1947 to Queen Elizabeth Barracks) This large barracks complex was built in 1938 to house the No.1 Royal Army Medical Corps Depot, who used it until 1962. From 1965 until 1970 it was used by Training Regiments of the Royal Corps of Transport and from 1970 until 2000 it was used by Gurkha Regiments.

Damerham WWII Army Camp

Dean Close School, Farnborough ? Pre-WWII Officer Training Corps Annual Camp Probable error – believed to be in Cheltenham
Denmead & Southwick (A11 &A12) WWII D-Day Marshalling Area Camp A11& A12 utilising the Forest of Bere, included Creech House, the temporary HQ for General Eisenhower and Montgomery

East Boldre (B5 & B6) WWII D-Day Marshalling Area Camp B5 & B6. Known to be occupied by 705 Infantry Brigade Company with DUKWs (parked on Beaulieu Heath) (camp capacity 2,220 personnel & 318 vehicles)

Eastleigh WWI RFC No.8 Stores Distributing Park

Eastmoors ? WWII US Army, 1st Hospital Train, 57th Hospital Train

Elles Barracks, (former Pinehurst Barracks), Farnborough Date of construction 1921 (rebuilt 1929-34). Occupied by the 2nd Battalion, Royal Tanks Corps from 1921–39. WWII 55th RAC Training Regiment Demolished 1970s

Emsworth Common A2 WWII D-Day Marshalling Area Camp A2

Exbury (EAB2) WWII D-Day Embarkation Area EAB2

Fareham, Droxford Depot ? WWII US Army POL Depot

Farlington WWI Camping Ground close to Farlington Redoubt

Fawley Wood, (Stanswood Bay Hards) Southampton (Shangri-La)
WWII D-Day Embarkation Camp for Southampton Docks known to be guarded by the Manchester Regiment

Flowerdown WWI RFC No.1 Technical Wireless School. Also used later by Navy and RAF

Fordingbridge, Hale House Breamore (AAF-440) WWII US Army Camps, VII Corps, XII Corps

Fort Blockhouse (HMS Dolphin)
Built c.1714, re-built 1848

Fort Fareham, Portsmouth Built c.1864. WWII Portsmouth Area HQ

Fort Gomer, Gosport
Volunteer TF Annual Camp

Fort Southwick Built c.1870. During WWII it became US and Canadian Forces Combined HQ with a network of underground tunnels underneath the fort. Survey Training Centre, RE

Fort Widley, Fort Nelson Portsdown Built c.1870. Coastal Defence Battery occupied in 1939 by units of 1st Medium Regiment of the Royal Artillery

Frogmore, East Liss Volunteer/TF Annual Camp

Funtley (A16) WWII D-Day Marshalling Area Camp A16

Furze Down, nr Martin Site of Army Camp ? (SU0722)

Gosport WWI 5th Southern General Hospital

Gosport, Browndown (A19) WWII D-Day Marshalling Area Camp A19

Gosport, Stokes Bay (EAA4) WWII D-Day Embarkation Area Camp EAA4

Hambledon, Bury Lodge (A10)
WWII D-Day Marshalling Area Camp A10

Haslar Hospital Pre-WWII RN Hospital

Havant WWII AMWD Repair Depot

Hazeley Down, Twyford WWI Army Camp - 10th (Service) Battalion (1st Gwent) South Wales Borderers in July 1915. Military Hospital 105 beds, hutted

Headley Down WWI/WWII Army Camps used by Canadian Army units in both world war. Known as Erie Camp from 1941

Hilsea Barracks, Portsmouth (G-65)
Pre-WWII Ordnance Depot (RAOC) and Training Establishment between 1935–38. During WWII Hilsea was an US Army General Stores Depot G-65

Hollom Down Barn
TA Annual Camp (1935)

Holmsley, Ringwood Volunteer/TF Annual Camp

Horndean, Hazleton Wood (A4)
WWII D-Day Marshalling Area Camp A4 known to have been occupied by units of the 3rd Infantry Division including the 92nd (Loyals) Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment

Horsebridge TA Annual Camp (1935), Houghton Down

Hurst Castle Signal Station RN Camp

Hursley Park, Winchester WWI Army Camp known to have been occupied by 10th (Service) Battalion (1st Gwent) South Wales Borderers in July 1915

Hursley Park, Winchester (C12 & C13) WWII D-Day Marshalling Area Camp C12 & C13 - Primary Training Camp. Units camped here took part in practise landings on Hayling Island. US Army 32nd Evacuation Hospital (camp capacity 4,500 personnel & 640 vehicles)

Ibsley Volunteer/TF Annual Camp

Inchmery House, Exbury (STS 63)
WWII Special Training Station 63. Centre for Operation Bardsea

Keogh Barracks, nr Aldershot
WWII Military Police Training Centre & RAMC Depot

Kingswood Common Hospital ?
WWII US Army, 57th Medical Battalion (There was a US Army camp at Kingswood Common, Reading, Berkshire)

Kingsworthy, Winchester WWII US Army Camp, 49th Ordnance Bomb Disposal Squadron
King’s Somborne ? Furze Down House ? (AAF-563) WWII US Army Detachment 'H', 93rd Station Complement Squadron Reinforcement Depot. Kings Somborne is reported as being in Worcs

WWII US Army Temporary Advanced Supply Depot for D-Day

Lymington (EAB3) WWII D-Day Embarkation Area EAB3

Longmoor - Mafeking, Ladysmith Barracks & Fenhurst, Kimberley, Weavers Down Camps
etc Army Camp dating from the Boer War with large permanent extensions built pre-WWII

Longmoor, East Liss
Volunteer/TF Annual Camp (SU7930)

Leipzig Barracks, Ewshot Common Date of construction 1903 for a brigade of Royal Field Artillery. Now demolished

Ludshott Common WWI/WWII Army Camps used by Canadian Army units in both conflicts. From 1941 known as Camp Superior

Marchwood, Byam’s Camp WWII RN Camp associated with Marchwood Port. Byam’s House is still used by the Military

Melville ? WWII Overflow Camp

Millbrook Park, Southampton WWII D-Day Embarkation Camp for Southampton Docks, US Army 46th Field Hospital

Minley Manor, Aldershot Staff College (Senior Wing)

Minstead, Malwood Castle TA Annual Camp

Morelands Camp ?, Portsmouth WWII Coastal Battery manned by Canadian units

Morn Hill, Winchester TF/WWII Army Camp known to have been occupied by units of the 27th Division in November-December 1914
Mytchett On Hants / Surrey border – see latter

Nether Wallop (AAF-528) WWII US Army 1520th QM Truck Battalion

Netley Common (C3) WWII D-Day Marshalling Area Camp C3 (camp capacity 2,500 personnel & 360 vehicles)

Nightingale Wood, Romsey (C16 & C17) WWII D-Day Marshalling Area Camps C16 & C17 (camp capacity 3,250 personnel & 465 vehicles)

Norman Court, West Tytherley (AAF-437) also Bentley Wood WWII US Army 52nd AAA Brigade, 9th Air force Defence Command, 52nd AAA Brigade Site straddles Hants / Wilts border

Old Basing Common WWI Remount Depot

Otterbourne (AAF number n/a) WWII US Army 1517th QM Truck Battalion Aviation

Oxney, Bordon Pre-WWI Army Camp

Parkhurst, Isle of Wight WWII Isle of Wight Garrison

Pitt, Winchester WWI Army Camp

Popham (AAF-420) WWII US Army 926th Signal Battalion

Portsmouth, Ravelin House
WWII Portsmouth Garrison HQ

Portsmouth (EAA3) WWII D-Day Embarkation Area EAA3

Ringwood (AAF number n/a) WWII 11th Infantry Brigade, 516 Corps Field Survey Company US Army 1926 Ordnance Company, 2109th Ordnance Battalion,1st Hospital Train, 5th Hospital Train, 8th Field Hospital

Rockford Volunteer/TF Annual Camp

Romsey, Remount Depot WWI Remount Depot

Romsey (Stanbridge Earls & Roke Manor) (AAF-503) (G-55) WWII US General Stores Depot G-55, Squadron 'A', 19th Replacement Control Depot 1st Recuperation Centre, (aka ‘Flak Shack’)

Romsey, Broadlands Park (C15) WWII D-Day Marshalling Area Camp C15 (camp capacity 1,250 personnel & 180 vehicles)

Romsey, Cramp Moor, South Holmes Copse (C14) WWII D-Day Marshalling Area Camp C14 (camp capacity 2,750 personnel & 400 vehicles)

Rowlands Castle, (A1) includes Stansted Park WWII D-Day Combined Operations Marshalling Camp A1

Rushmoor, Aldershot WWI Army Camp

Royal Victoria Military Hospital, Netley, Southampton Built c.1856 demolished 1963

St Cross Park, The Grange, Winchester WWII D-Day Transit Camp

St Leonards, Ringwood
Volunteer/TF Camp (1907)

Saltney (Portsmouth) ?

Sarisbury Court WWI US Army Base Hospital No.40 (800 beds)

Sarisbury, (A18) & Park Gate (A17) WWII D-Day Marshalling Area Camps

Soberton Heath (A14) WWII D-Day Marshalling Area Camp A14

Southampton Common (C18, C19, C20 & C21) WWII D-Day Marshalling Area Camp C18, C19, C20 & C21 (8,500 personnel & 1,000 vehicles).12th Hospital Train, 12th Medical Dispensary

Southampton Dock (AAF number n/a) WWII US Army Detachment 112, 8th Air Force Intransit Depot Group; 14th Port, 12th Port of Embarkation, 55th Hospital Train, 62nd, 63rd & 65th Field Hospitals

Southampton Docks (EAC5) WWII D-Day Embarkation Area EAC5

Southampton, Braemar Lodge, 14 Northlands Road WWII Southampton Garrison HQ

Southampton, Harefield & Moorhill Park ?
also Thornhill Park WWII D-Day Marshalling Area Camps. camp capacity 1,500 personnel & 210 vehicles at Harefield C1 2,500 personnel & 360 vehicles at Moorhill – C2

Southampton, Royal Victoria Hospital, Netley WWII US Army, 28th General Hospital

Soberton Heath, Fareham WWII Army Camp

Stanhope Lines, Aldershot Volunteer/TF Annual Camp

Stockbridge Down TF/TE Annual Camp occupied by the 2nd East Riding Yeomanry in May 1939. WWII US Army Camp, 21st Platoon Ship Hospital

Stokes Bay, Portsmouth School of Electric Lighting

Teg Down, Winchester
WWII Army Camp

Tidworth Pennings Volunteer Annual Camp

Tichborne Volunteer/TF Annual Camp

Totton (AAF-442) WWII US Army 13th Replacement Control Depot, 9th AF Service Command

Toothill (C22) WWII D-Day Marshalling Area Camp C22 (camp capacity 2,000 personnel & 285 vehicles)

Twezeldown, Aldershot Volunteer/TF Annual Camp

Upton, Grove Place (C17) WWII D-Day Marshalling Area Camp C17

Walhampton House (AAF-558) WWII US Army Detachment 'D', 93rd SCSRD

Waterlooville, The Queen's Enclosure (A5 & A6) WWII D-Day Marshalling Area Camp A5 & A6 used by 2nd Army Reserve Tank Brigade from D-Day to D-Day +17

Waterlooville, Stakes Hill Lodge (A7) WWII D-Day Marshalling Area Camp A7

Westbourne, Emsworth
Pre & WWII Army Camp known to be occupied by 391 Regiment, Royal Artillery, and 7th Hampshire Auxiliary Territorial Service ATS

Weyhill WWII AMWD Repair Depot

Whitehill, Bordon
WWII Canadian Army Camp

Wickham Park (A13, A14 & A15)
WWII D-Day Marshalling Area Camps A13, A114 & A15 occupied by 53rd (London) Medium Regiment Royal Artillery

Winchester, St Swithins Hospital
WWII US Army, 38th Station Hospital (250 beds)

Winchester WWII US Army Accommodation, 9th QM Company,9th Signal Company (9th Infantry Division)

Windmill Hill (Luggershall) Volunteer/TF Annual Camp

Winnall Down, Winchester WWI Army Rest Camp known to have occupied by US Army unit 353rd Infantry in July 1918

Winterbourne Dauntsey
WWII Basic Training Camp occupied by 982 Chemical Warfare Company during 1940 One source mentions “Finsbury Barracks” ?

Worthy Park ? WWII US Army, 29th Ordnance Bomb Disposal