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Thread: Army Camps / Barracks Middlesex

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    Default Army Camps / Barracks Middlesex

    Ashford WWII REME Camp

    Cranford, Meadowbank (AAF-525) WWII US Army 27th Air Transport Group, 86th Air Transport Squadron

    Eastcote WWII AMWD Repair Depot

    Eastcote (AAF-456) WWII 9th Troop Carrier Command

    Greenford WWII Royal Army Ordnance Corps Depot (at Heinz factory & adjacent Camp)

    WWI RFC Depot

    Hounslow Barracks WWII Eastern Command HQ (until April 1941) GHQ Home Forces from 28-07-43

    Kensington Playing Fields, Northolt WWII Army Camp

    Hounslow Heath Volunteer/TF Annual Camp

    Osterley Park, Isleworth WWI Army Camp

    Stanmore, Glenthorn(e) WWII Anti-Aircraft Command HQ

    Teddington, Camp Griffiss, Bushy Park (Kew Gardens & Bushy Park (AAF-586)
    WWII US, 8th Air Force HQ, 8th Tactical Air Service Command. US Army 8th Air Force HQ, United States Strategic Air Forces in Europe HQ (SHEAF) moved here on 5 March 1944 until September 1944

    Uxbridge WWI RFC Armament School

    Uxbridge (AAF-409) WWII 6 AA Division HQ, US Army Detachment 'A', HQ Squadron
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