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Thread: Army Camps / Barracks Wiltshire

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    Default Army Camps / Barracks Wiltshire

    Aldbourne WWII US 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment

    Alderbury, Salisbury WWII Reinforcement Camp for 5 Corps Signals

    Ashton Keynes (AAF number n/a) WWII US Army 826th Engineer Aviation Battalion. 33d Medical Depot Company. (Gloucestershire Border)

    Baverstock (Dinton) (AAF-802)
    WWII USSTAF 4th Base Air Depot

    Bishopstrow (AAF-433)
    WWII US Army 128th General Hospital HQ & HQ Sqn, 13th and 20th Replacement Control Depot. 27th, 30th & 44th Mobile Reclamation & Repair Squadrons

    Blandford Extensive military use since 1756. WWI RFC (ST9208). Military hospital 204 beds, hutted. WWII 22nd US General Hospital

    Bulford Camp: Carter, Gordon, Kiwi, Mons, Sling, Somme, Ward & Wing Barracks etc Pre-WWI tented camp, timber & brick buildings added after 1910, now extended to 640 acres as a small town. WWII 4th Field Training Regiment (SU1843)

    Bowood Pre WWI Army Camp, used during WWI

    Boyton WWI Army Camp – part of Codford?

    Bustard Camp, Larkhill WWI (Canadian) and WWII Army Camp (SU0946)

    Burderop Park WWII US Military Hospital (SU1680)

    Charters WWII Army Camp (SU1844)

    Chippenham WWII US Army Camp, 10th Armoured Infantry Battalion, 94th Signal Company, 94th Ordnance Company, 94th QM Company (all 94th Infantry Division)

    Chiseldon TF/TE Annual Camp used during WWII as an Army Camp, Chiseldon Garrison HQ

    Chiseldon (AAF-434) WWII US Army 834th Engineer Aviation Battalion (SU1877)

    Chiseldon WWII US 130th Station Hospital

    Chiseldon WWI, also WWII Motor Training Battalion

    Chitterne WWII US 978th Field Artillery Battalions

    Codford St Mary, Codford
    'A', 'B' & Village Camps TF/TE Annual Camp used during WWI and WWII. WWII US Army Camps, Company 'A', 45th Armoured Medical Battalion. 100 bed Military hutted hospital. Numerous Field Artillery Battalions

    Compton Bassett WWII RAF Training School for 4,000 recruits (SU0271)

    Copehill Down Recent training area for ‘Fighting in Built-up Areas’

    Corsham, Hudswell, Ridge, Spring Lane & Eastlays WWII Underground Ammunition Store with Camps

    Corsham Garrison HQ

    Danesbury ? WWII Units of the US 1st Tank Destination Group

    Devizes Barracks: Le Merchant, Waller (London Road) WWII 308th Infantry Training Centre. HQ of the Wiltshire Regiment

    Devizes, Prince Maurice, Barracks Built 1939. 207th Anti-Aircraft Training Regiment. US Army: 344th Engineer Regiment, 22nd Armoured Field Artillery Btn (4th AD), 141st General Hospital. Demolished 1987

    Devizes Barracks Depot Barracks, Wiltshire Regiment. Known to be occupied by 331 Company Royal Engineers in WWII. WWII US Army, 4th Armoured Division units: 8th Tank Battalion, 4th Armoured Div Artillery, 35th Tank Battalion, 37th Tank Battalion

    Devizes Military Camp WWII Field Artillery Training Camp (SU0263)

    Downton WWII US Army 14th & 20th Ordnance Bomb Disposal Squadron, 3424th Ordnance MAM Company, 1st Tank Destination Group

    Draycott, Swindon WWI Army Camp

    Druids Lodge WWII Army Camp

    Durrington, Larkhill/West Down WWI Army Camp

    Eastdown, Devizes
    Volunteer/TF Annual Camp

    Erlestoke Park & Village
    (AAF-435) WWII US 9th AAF 125th Liaison Squadron. 153rd Liaison Squadron, Special Training Station 63. Centre for Operation Bardsea, US Army, 77th Station Hospital, 3rd Hospital Train (ST9753)

    Everleigh WWII Army Camp & airfield, converted to US Military Hospital (SU2057). US Army POL Depot, 8th Field Hospital. Still in use by army

    Fargo Down, Larkhill/West Down WWI Army Camp, 1,037 bed Military Hospital, hutted. WWII 2nd and 25th General Hospitals

    Fuggleston Camps WWII US Army Camp (three camps) (SU1031)

    Fonthill Bishop WWII US Army, 23rd Armoured Engineer Battalion

    Ford Camp, Salisbury Volunteer/TF Annual Camp

    Fovant WWI Army Camp, 449 bed Military Hospital, hutted

    Greenlands, Orcheston Site of Army Camp in use post WWII (SU067471?)

    Grimsditch Camp WWII US Army Camp, 6th Ordnance Battalion 526th Ordnance Tank Maintenance Company. Named after Grim’s Ditch / Dyke, 6 miles south of Salisbury

    Grovely Wood (AAF-592) WWII US Army Ordnance Companies (Aviation)

    Hamilton Camp, Larkhill/West Down WWI Army Camp

    Heytesbury WWI/WWII Army Camp WWII US Army, 7th Armoured Group, 14th Field Hospital, XIX Corps, XIX Corps Artillery, 58th Field Hospital, 3253rd Signal Service Company

    Highworth, Swindon, Coleshill House
    WWII GCHQ Auxiliary Units HQ

    Hindon WWII US 333rd Engineer SS Regiment, 2i5th Signal Depot Company

    Hurdcott, Salisbury WWI Army Camp

    Idmiston Down WWII Army Camp (SU2037)

    Kingsmoor Camp, Corsham (HMS Royal Arthur) Post WWII RN Junior Leaders Training School (ST850685)

    Kingston Deverill (AAF number n/a) WWII US Army Camp, 33rd & 34th Special Service Company, No.112 Observation Squadron

    Knook Camp (Heytesbury) (AAF number n/a) WWII US Army 9th AF Detachment ZU, 21st Weather Squadron, 40th Mobile Communications Squadron, 2 Signal Battalion, 22nd Tank Battalion (11th Armoured Division), XIX Corps, XIX Corps Artillery (ST9342)

    Landford, Salisbury
    WWII Reinforcement Camp

    Landford Lodge
    WWII Royal Tank Regiment, Corps of Military Police, US Army 507th MP Battalion, ‘D’ Company at VII Corps

    Larkhill Barracks: Alanbrooke
    – 1960, +Horne – in use, Roberts – 1964+, Stirling – 1966+ Annual Practice Camp dating from 1899. School of Gunnery for Royal Horse and Royal Field Artillery added 1914, replaced by the School of Artillery in 1920. Total area about 800 acres, WWII 21st Medium & Heavy Training Regiment (SU1344)

    Littlecote, (and Park)
    WWII 506th Regiment of the 101st Airborne Division, Longford Castle, Salisbury WWII Reinforcement Camp for HQ 5 Corps & HQ RA

    Longbridge Deverill WWII Army Camp - US Army 82nd Engineer Battalion, 83rd Armoured Reconnaissance Battalion (ST8841)

    Longleat Park WWII Army Camp for D-Day

    Lopcombe AAF number n/a) WWII US 988th Engineer TB Company, 2nd Ordnance MM Co, 546th AAA Automatic Weapons Battalion Battery, 58th Field Hospital, 34th General Hospital

    Lydiard Tregoze (AAF-540) WWII US Army 17th Replacement Control Depot & 8th Air Force Service Command

    Lypiatt Camp, Corsham Post WWII RN Displaced Families Camp (ST867687)

    Maddington WWII US Army Camp, 2nd Tank Battalion

    Malmesbury, Charlton Park
    WWII US Army Camp & Hospital, 5th, 6th, 7th Hospital Trains, 50th Field Hospital, 206th and 522nd QM Battalions, 4045th and 4046th QM Truck Companies

    Market Lavington (AAF number n/a) WWII US Army 125th Liaison Squadron

    Marlborough WWII US 9th AF 21st Weather Squadron, 40th Mobile Communications Squadron

    Marlborough Common
    WWII Camp occupied by US Army 1st Weather Squadron attached to Third Army, XX Corps, also 127th Brigade of the 47th Division. When these units left the camp became US 347th Station Hospital

    Melksham Park WWII RAF Technical Training School for 4000 recruits (ST9162)

    Melksham, Sandbridge Park, Tower & Broham Camps WWII US Army Camps, 319th Engineer Battalion, 51st Armoured Infantry Battalion, 56th Armoured Engineer Battalion

    Mere WWII US Army Camp, 18th Bomb Disposal Squadron, 48th Ordnance Battalion, 63rd Armoured Infantry Battalion, 703rd Tank Destroyer Battalion

    Monkton Farleigh, Ashley Wood & Brown's Folly
    etc WWII Underground Ammunition Depot with several associated camps

    Netheravon Cavalry Depot WWI Cavalry Depot and Camp. Machine Gun Wing (SU1448)

    Nook Camp See Knook above, Norman Court, West Tytherley (AAF-437) also Bentley Wood WWII US Army 52nd AAA Brigade,
    9th Air force Defence Command, 52nd AAA Brigade. Site straddles Hants / Wilts border

    Oatlands Hill
    (AAF number n/a) WWII US Army Detachment 105, 8th Intransit Depot

    Odstock WWII Emergency Medical Services Hospital occupied 1943 by the US 5th Army Medical Corps

    Ogbourne St George, Marlborough WWII Reception & Reinforcement Camp used by 1st Armoured Division in September 1941. US Army Air Corps, 21st Weather Squadron; 3rd Armoured Group; 10th Tank Battalion; XVIII Corps, XVIII Corps Artillery, XX Corps; XX Corps Artillery, 34th Tank Battalion

    Parkhill, Salisbury WWI Army Camp

    Parkhouse, Salisbury Site of Army Camp (SU2145)

    Perham Down, Busigny, Cambrai, Cachy, Fowler Barracks
    WWI I/WWII Infantry Training Depot opened in 1915. Used partly during WWII as a Military Hospital. Still in use

    Perham Down (AAF-07)
    WWI, 1915 – hutted Army camp. WWII US 8th Air Force Service Command

    Pond Farm, Salisbury Plain
    WWI Army Camp used by Canadians. Close to Market Lavington?

    Porton WWII US 974th Ordnance Evacuation Company

    Porton Down WWI/WWII Chemical and RA Experimental Establishment

    Rollestone Camp WWI RFC No.1 Balloon School, School of Balloon Training. WWII Gas Defence School

    Rudlow Manor (AAF-452) WWII US Army 9th Tactical Air Command HQ

    Savernake Forest, Irongates Camp
    (AAF number n/a) WWII US Army 1907th Ordnance Ammo Company, 25th Chemical Smoke Generator Battalion, 32nd Chemical Decontamination Company, 50th, 51st & 52nd Ordnance Ammo Company

    Sandhill WWI Army Camp just south of Warminster

    Salisbury WWI Canadian Camp

    Salisbury, Wilton House HQ Southern Command

    Sherrington Camp TA Annual Camp part of Codford complex

    Shrivenham (also Berkshire & Oxfordshire) WWII US Army Camp, 1st Civil Affairs Unit, Replacement Depot No.4

    WWII Military College of Science & Shrivenham Garrison HQ at Watson Barracks

    Sling Plantation WWI Army Camp used by Canadians (SU1944)

    South Tidworth WWII Army Camp

    Stockton House, Codford WWII US Combat Command ‘A’, 45th Armoured Medical Battalion, and Trains HQ, 62nd Engineer Topographical Company

    Stonehenge WWII US 629th Tank Destroyer Battalion

    Sutton Mandeville WWI Army Camp

    Sutton Veny, Warminster WWI Army Camp 938 bed Military Hospital, hutted. Used during WWII by units of the Glider Pilot Regiment also US Army 492nd Armoured Field Artillery Battalion

    Swindon (AAF number n/a) 942nd Engineer Aviation Troop Battalion

    Swindon WWII US 203rd General Hospital unit (SU146846), HQ at 25 High St

    Tidworth Barracks: Assaye, Aliwal, Busigny, Bhurtpore, Candahar (Kandahar), Fowler, Mathew, Jellalabad, Lucknow, Mooltan etc. First opened in 1904 with Lucknow and Mooltan Barracks and a Military Hospital was added in 1907. Tank Workshop added in 1929, in 1933 six brick barracks were erected and in 1938 Fowler Barracks and Busigny Barracks were built at Brimstone Bottom. The following year Mathew Barracks was erected closer to the village of North Tidworth. WWII No.2 Motor Training Battalion (Lucknow Barracks). WWII US Army, 2nd Tank Battalion, 3rd Battalion, 2nd Infantry Regiment; 3rd Station Hospital (250 beds), 2nd Special Service Company, 5th Infantry Division

    Tilshead (A to C Camps) Pre WWII Army Camps & WWII airfield

    Tilshead Down (AAF-539)
    WWII US Army Squadron 'E', 17th Replacement Control Depot, 5th Armoured Division, 10th Tank Battalion,
    14th Chemical Maintenance Company, 28th General Hospital, 30th Infantry Division Artillery

    Trowbridge The Barracks (AAF-537) WWII US Army Squadron 'H', 17th Replacement Control Depot Squadron 'I', 94th Infantry Division Artillery, 15th Cavalry Group, 301st Infantry Regiment, 28th General Hospital, 53rd General Hospital

    Upton Lovell WWII US Army 507th MP Battalion, ‘C’ Company at XIX Corps, 21st Armoured Infantry Battalion (AIB)

    Tottenham House
    WWII US Army Camp associated with the US Savernake Ordnance Depot

    Westbury near Trowbridge WWI RFC - No.7 Stores Distributing Park

    Westdown North & South, Camps, Tilshead Pre WWI Army Camps associated with the West Down Range established 1902 for two cavalry brigades. Still in use

    Winterbourne Gunner WWII Gas Defence Instructors' School. Now Defence NBC Centre

    Warminster Barracks, WWII 55th Infantry Division Battle School. Warminster Garrison HQ. US Army, 3rd Armoured Division HQ, 11th Ordnance Battalion, 32nd & 34th Special Service Battalion, 58th Field Hospital

    Warminster (O-642) WWII US Army Ordnance Depot O-642

    Warminster, Beggar’s Bush, Imber Road
    WWII RAOC Depot (1939); became REME, 27 Command Workshop in 1945, later renamed 27 District Workshop REME. Occupied by US Army 3rd Division units from 1943–45 who extended the workshops. Battlesbury Barracks were built in 1956 and extended in 1964 (and again since)

    Warminster, Elles & Swinton Barracks
    WWII School of Infantry formally Swinton and Elles Tank Barracks; Swinton Barracks were officially opened by the Rt Hon Leslie Hoare Belisha, MP in September 1938 (ST8846)

    Warminster, Bishopstrow, Sutton Way, Town Camps WWII US Army Camps, 13th Replacement Battalion, XIII Corps, XIII Corps Artillery

    Westbury, Drill Hall Camp
    ? WWII US Army Camp, 960th QM Service Company

    Westbury (G-47) WWII US Army General Store Depot G-47

    West Lavington WWII Army Camp known to have been occupied by the Mobile Petrol Filling Centre (MPFC) for PLUTO. US 153rd Liaison Sqn

    Weyhill WWII AMWD Repair Depot, US Army Storage Depot

    Wilton WWII US Army Camp. Currently Army HQ

    Wroughton WWII US Army 154th General Hospital

    Wylye, Great Ridge WWII US 347th Ordnance Depot Co, 896th Ordnance HAM Co

    Yatesbury RAF Wireless School & Hospital
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    Default Re: Army Camps / Barracks Wiltshire

    Quote Originally Posted by norwichpaul View Post
    Lopcombe AAF number n/a) WWII US 988th Engineer TB Company, 2nd Ordnance MM Co, 546th AAA Automatic Weapons Battalion Battery, 58th Field Hospital, 34th General Hospital
    Found a photo of the camp at Lopcombe in the book I'm reading - fancy a copy?


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    Default Re: Army Camps / Barracks Wiltshire

    That would be good Tom

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