Ashchurch, Tewkesbury WWII Ordnance Depot, US 4090th and 4092nd Quartermaster Service Companies

Burlish, Stourport WWII US Army 297th General Hospital, (1,442 bed). Later a second 16 ward hospital was built near Burlish Crossing

Broadway WWII US Army Overflow Camp (camp capacity 100 personnel)

Bromsgrove, All Saints (Convalescent Hospital) WWII US Army 15th Station Hospital (375 beds) (P4292), 16th Station Hospital

Camp Wolverley, Lea Castle, Kidderminster WWII Army Camp & US Military. Located on farms managed by Kidderminster Industrial Co-op Society (camp capacity 4,400 personnel) (P2496) 52nd General Hospital, 47th, 48th Field Hospitals. Later Royal Army Pay Corps

Craycombe House, Fladbury WWII US Military Hospital

Droitwich Pre-WWII Officer Cadet Training Unit

Droitwich WWII ATS Training School using requisitioned property

Droitwich, Orchard Lea WWII Worcestershire Sub-District HQ

Enville (Staffs ?) WWII US Army Camp (camp capacity 500 personnel) (K2806)

Evesham Billets ? WWII US Army, 59th Field Hospital (380 beds)

Fladbury WWII Summer Camp (camp capacity 1,302 personnel) (P4467)

Great Malvern WWII US Army Detachment 'D', 1st Signal Service Battalion

Hagley Park WWI Army Camp, WWII US Military Hospital, 53rd Field Hospital

Honeybourne (G-24) WWII US Army Camp (camp capacity 2,000 personnel) (P5665) General Stores Depot G-24.Built between July 1943 and January 1944 by 115, 147, 171, 211, 271, 277 & 299 Pioneer Companies

Kings Somborne ? Furze Down House (AAF-563) WWII US Army Detachment 'H', 93rd Station Complement Squadron Reinforcement Depot. Kings Somborne is in Hants

Malvern WWII US Military Hospitals with 1,084 beds. Merebrook Farm: 53rd General Hospital, Wood Farm: (Malvern Wells) 55th General Hospital, Blackmore Park Site1: 93rd General Hospital, Blackmore Park Site 2: 155th General Hospital, Brickbarns (Farm): (St Wulstans) 96th General Hospital (Other General Hospitals served at both Blackmore sites, which is often misquoted as Blackmoor)

Malvern, HMS Duke WWII RN Training Establishment (camp capacity 600 personnel)

Moxley Hall ? WWII US Army Camp, 34th Chemical Decontamination Company

Pershore WWII US Army Camp (camp capacity 230 personnel (P3967)

Redditch WWII US Army Camp (camp capacity 370 personnel (P4987)

Ronkswood, Worcester WWII Military Hospital

South Littleton WWII US Army Camp (camp capacity 700 personnel) (P5366)

Spetchley Park, Worcester (AAF-562)
WWII US Army Detachment 'G', 93rd Station Complement Squadron Reinforcement Depot

Stourbridge WWII US Army Camp (camp capacity 850 personnel) (K3504)

Waresley, Kidderminster WWII US Army Overfill Camp (P2990)

Westwood Park
WWII Summer Camp (camp capacity 2,604 personnel) (P3284)

Worcester, Norton Barracks Built c.1877 for Worcestershire Regiment. WWII ITC & Worcestershire Sub-Area HQ

Wolverley, Kidderminster 52nd General Hospital WWII US Army 52nd General Military Hospital (1,084 beds) (P2898)