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    Default Army Camps / Barracks Yorkshire

    Anlaby, Hull WWII Army Medical Unit Camp based around Hull Road Anlaby, and Boothferry Road Hessle

    Barlow, Stable & Park Farm WWII RN Ordnance Depot based around an old airship factory

    Becketts Park, Headingley, Leeds WWII Army Overflow Camp – basic training

    Bellerby near Leyburn TA Annual Camp

    Beverley Parks, Victoria Barracks Built 1858 for East Yorkshire Regiment. Now demolished

    Bowes Moor (AAF-588) WWII US 8th Air Force Service Command

    Bramham Moor WWI airfield, WWII Army Camp occupied by 119 LAA & 193 Field Ambulance during March 1944 (camp capacity 1,000 personnel)

    Brackenber Moor, Appleby Volunteer/TF Annual Camp

    Bridlington WWII RAF No.14, 15, 19, 20 and 70 Initial Training Wings

    Byron Park, Ferrybridge WWII No.62 VRD (Vehicle Reserve Depot)

    Cannon Hall, Cawthorne WWII Army Camp occupied by RASC Company, 8 Corps & 123 LAA during March 1944 (camp capacity 2,000 personnel)

    Carlton High (Park?) Wood, Helmsley
    WWII Army Camp occupied by 310th Armoured Brigade, RASC during March 1944 (camp capacity 900 personnel) (SE616870)

    Catterick Camp WWI Military Hospital, 750 beds, hutted. Catterick Garrison: Past and present barracks and lines included: Aisne, Alma, Bapaume, Bourlon, Cambrai, Colburn, Gaza, Harden, Helles, Jaffa, Kemmel, Marne, Megiddo, Peronne, Piave, Somme, Vimy, Waithwith Massive Garrison Town built within the estates of Scotton, Colburn, Brough Park and Hipswell. First phase in 1915 to accommodate 40,000 troops. Hutted camps largely replaced in the 1930s with Sandhurst Barrack Blocks. Now includes RAF Catterick (Marne Barracks)

    Catterick, Hipswell Camp
    Volunteer/TF Annual Camp, WWI Army Camp

    Colburn, nr Catterick Volunteer/TF Annual Camp, WWI Camp

    Colsterdale, Ure Valley (Breary Banks) WWI Army Camp, constructed at Reservoir Village. First occupied by ‘Leeds Pals’, 15th Btn Yorkshire Regiment The 16th (Transport Workers) Battalion formed there in 1916 (SE155803)

    Doncaster Racecourse WWII Staging Post

    Duncombe Park, Helmsley WWII Canadian Army Camp (camp capacity 3,000 personnel)

    East Marton ?
    Volunteer/TF Annual Camp (1912)

    Farnley Park, Otley TF/TA Annual Camp & WW1 Army Camp

    Farnley Park, Otley WWII Army Camp known to have been occupied by 9th Battalion of the Royal Tank Regiment Camp (camp capacity 3,500 personnel). Occupied by 227 Infantry Brigade during March 1944

    Filey, Primrose Valley WWII RAF No.23 Initial Training Wing located at a Butlins Holiday Camp. AKA Hunmanby Moor and (Hulthorpe ?

    Forest Moor, Harrogate WWII 'Y' Service Station

    Gallowgate Camp, Richmond WWII+ Overflow Camp to Richmond Barracks - Basic training

    Gargrave Volunteer/TF Annual Camp (1912)

    Great Cowden
    TA Annual Camp and WWII Army Camp & Range

    Greenhill, Sheffield WWI Army Camp

    Guisborough, Hutton Gate WWII Army Camp. Site now Pine Hills

    Halifax, Wellesley Park Barracks Duke of Wellington Regiment. WWII ATS Training. Now a school

    Harrogate WWII Harrogate Garrison HQ

    Harrogate, Hildebrand & Uniacke Barracks
    WWII US Military Hospital Post WWII Army Apprentices School

    Infantry Training Camp

    WWII Firing Range & camp

    Hull (AAF-585) WWII US Army 1517th QM Truck Battalion

    Hull, Halifax Barracks WWII Hull Garrison HQ

    Hull, Wenlock Barracks, Anlaby Road Built 1911 – extant. East Yorkshire Regiment

    Hunmanby WWII Army Camp occupied by 11 Armoured Division units (camp capacity 750 personnel) see also Filey

    Keldy Castle, Cropton
    WWII Army Camp (SE777917)

    Kilnsea Camp, Fort Godwin
    WWI – c.1960 WWII Coastal Defence Camp connected with Spurn Point. BHQ of 416 Battery 127 LAA Regiment RA (LAA)

    WWII Army Camp occupied by 153rd Field Regiment, RA during March 1944 (camp capacity 1,000 personnel) (V1706)

    Kirklevington Grange WWII Army Camp (now a HMP Detention Centre)

    Leconfield, Normandy Barracks Current

    Leeds WWI 2nd Northern General Hospital

    Leeds WWII 18th General Hospital, Leeds WWII No.11 Depot Training Establishment, RAMC

    Leeds, Masonic Hall, Castle Grove WWII Leeds Sub-Area HQ

    Marske, Biddian Camp WWII Army Camp

    Marske, Pooh Camp WWII Army Camp known to have been occupied in January 1940 by 25th Medium and Heavy Regiment RA

    Marske, Zetland Camp WWII Army Camp. Used post war

    Market Weighton WWII AMWD Repair Depot

    Masham, Roomer Common WWI Army Camp (1915)

    Melbourne WWII used by Royal Engineers

    Mexborough WWI RFC No.7 Stores Depot (formally the BB Co-operative Society)

    Middlesbrough (AAF number n/a) WWII US Army 564th Signal Air Warning Battalion

    Otley Deer Park ? WWII Military Hospital (1,084 beds) Incorrect – see Shropshire

    Pollington WWII Army Camp occupied by units of 8th Corps during March 1944 (camp capacity 500 personnel)

    Pontefract Barracks
    WWII ATS Training Depot

    Pontefract Racecourse
    WWII Army Camp

    Pontefract, Methley Hall
    WWII ATS Camp

    Potters Hill (AAF-546) Chapeltown ?
    WWII US Army Squadron 'C', 13th Replacement Control Depot (Aviation) Possibly SK3397

    Redcar, Redcar Lane WWI camp for 3,000 men near Ings and Wheatlands Farm

    Redcar, Paisley Barracks, Warrenby WWI Army Barracks

    Redmires, Sheffield WW1 Army Camp used by Sheffield Pals. WWII was Lodge Moor PoW camp (SK279959)

    Richmond Barracks Green Howards' Regimental Depot

    Ripon WWI Army Camp of 30,000 soldiers. WWI Military Hospital, 670 beds, hutted

    Ripon Barracks: Claro, Deverell, Harper WWII – Deverell used by US 9th Air Force Engineer Command units. WWII – Harper, RE Bomb Disposal School. Ripon Garrison HQ. Current – RE - Claro and Deverell. Note frequently spelt Deverall by MoD and locals

    Ripon, Ure Bank WWII Transit Camp

    Scarborough Racecourse Volunteer/TF Annual Camp

    Scarborough (AAF number n/a) WWII US Army HQ Company, 564th Signal Airways Battalion, 9th Air Defence Command

    Scarborough, Burniston & Throxenby Barracks Built c.1861-62 for North and East Ridings Regiments. Both are now housing estates. Burniston was at TA0390

    Scarborough (10 ITW) WWII RAF No. 10 Initial Air Training Wing

    Scarborough, Grand & Prince of Wales Hotels Royal Hotel (11 ITW) WWII RAF No. 11 Initial Air Training Wing, Scarborough Teacher Training College, St Nicholas Hotel (17 ITW) WWII RAF No. 17 Initial Air Training Wing

    Scotton, near Catterick Volunteer/TF Annual Camp, WWI Camp

    Scriven Park, Knaresborough WWII Army Camp occupied by units of 15th Division during March 1944. (camp capacity 500 personnel). Later PoW

    Selby Hill, Whitby ? WWII Army Camp (possibly Ordnance depot at Selly Hill)

    Sharow, Ripon WWII RE Camp based around Lister House. (Now Fairlawns)

    Sheffield 3rd Northern General Hospital

    Sheffield, Oakholme, Oakbourne Road WWII Sheffield Sub-Area HQ

    Strensall Camp Volunteer/TF Annual Camp

    Strensall Barracks, York Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry (KOYLI) Barracks

    Thorpe Underwood, Queen Ethelburga's School
    No.2 Company, 1 Command Signals ATS. (10 miles west of Harrogate)

    Topcliffe, Allenbrooke Barracks Current on ex-RAF airfield

    Upsall WWII Army Camp occupied by 181 Field Regiment during March 1944 (camp capacity 1,000 personnel)

    Wathgill, Catterick WWII Catterick Camp Firing Range

    Wetherby WWII AMWD Repair Depot

    Welbeck, Rufford, Norton & Thoresby WWII Army Camps occupied by a Polish Armoured Brigade during March 1944 (camp total capacity 3,000 personnel)

    Wensley ? Volunteer/TF Annual Camp

    Wharncliffe, Middlewood WWI and WWII Military Hospital

    Wortley (AAF-581)
    WWII US Army 1912th OAC

    Wydale Hall, Brompton by Sawdon near Scarborough
    WWII Army Camp (SE9283)

    York, Cavalry Barracks Built c1795 for an establishment of 232 men. In WWII it was occupied by RE units, ATS & the RASC

    York, Fishergate - Northern Command HQ Offices Built c.1878. Bootham House became the residence of the General Officer Commanding-in-Chief in 1882. HQ of Northern Command in 1905, moving to Claxton Hall in 1936

    York, Infantry Barracks Opened in1880, for 55 officers, 1,058 other ranks plus 99 married soldiers later. 14th Regimental District of the West Yorkshire Regiment. In 1951 the name Imphal Barracks was adopted but it closed in 1958 as the depot of the West Yorkshire Regiment

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    Default Re: Army Camps / Barracks Yorkshire

    Re Catterick Garrison. Administratively the Garrison now covers, as pointed out above, the former RAF Catterick, renamed Marne Barracks. It also covers Claro Barracks in Ripon, RAF Dishforth, and the former RAF Topcliffe, now Alanbrooke Barracks.

    The centenary of the Garrison occurs in 1914 and a local history group has been formed to collate information relating to activities and events within the Garrison over the years since it was built.

    A considerable amount of information has been contributed from a variety of sources. If you have any information that you consider will be useful to the group please feel free to forward it to

    Information shortfalls exist in the activities of NAAFI, and the Salvation Army Red Shield Services. There is little or no photographic record of the services they provided, the “Sally” since 1916 and NAAFI from 1921 onwards.

    The intention of the group is to produce a book to coincide with the centenary, however, prior to that, work is underway on the construction of a website to educate, and illustrate, the effect this relatively small area has had on millions of lives throughout the years.

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    Default Re: Army Camps / Barracks Yorkshire

    And of course todays deliberate mistake was. "The centenary of the Garrison occurs in 1914" Nobody but me spotted it so I get the cigar.

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    Default Re: Army Camps / Barracks Yorkshire

    Oh, I thought that you had misspelled 'occurs' instead of 'occurred'

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    Default Re: Army Camps / Barracks Yorkshire

    Welbeck, Rufford, Norton & Thoresby WWII Army Camps occupied by a Polish Armoured Brigade during March 1944 (camp total capacity 3,000 personnel)
    The above are all in Nottinghamshire.

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    Default Re: Army Camps / Barracks Yorkshire

    Thanks Peter, as they say everyday is a school day. Just wish I had paid more attention

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