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Thread: Painting of Airfield Lights?

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    Default Painting of Airfield Lights?

    I was at the excellent Thorpe Abbotts museum today and I saw that they had repainted some of the old runway lights, I was just wondering if they were authentic os if an artistic licence had been used;

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    Default Re: Painting of Airfield Lights?

    Very ilumonating Rich i must paint mine the same !

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    Default Re: Painting of Airfield Lights?

    Can't think of any reason why one aperture should be red, and the other yellow. Definitely artistic licence, but pretty.

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    Default Re: Painting of Airfield Lights?

    A logical reason would be if it contained two lamps, one red and one... er... lime? Not on this type I suspect.

    Make nice driveway fittings with an LED light source though. Where can I get a dozen

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