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Thread: Stone Frigates

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    Default Stone Frigates

    Stone Frigates - Shore Bases
    Ship's Name Function Location & details Commissioned Paid Off
    HMS Abatos

    Pluto Training Establishment. Assembly of pipework & valve gear Norfolk House, Rex House & Supermarine HQ building Woolston, Southampton 21-09-43 00-03-46
    HMS Aeolus

    Kite & Balloon Repair Depot repair of weather balloons. High Street, Tring, Herts. Main Depot (now Metcalf & Sons) Premises also at corner of Akeman Street & Albert Street and a Nissen hut at the corner of Mortimer Hill & Brook Street within an existing garage site. 01-12-42 01-03-46
    HMS Aggressive

    Coastal Forces Base Newhaven, the Paris Hotel & East Quay MTB base 1940 16-04-45
    HMS Allenby

    Combined Operations Base. Folkestone Base Transferred to War Office Folkestone 14-03-44 10-04-45

    RNAS Aircraft Repair Yard Almondbank, Perth Unknown Unknown

    Combined Operations Base (not a ship) Amersham, Bucks
    HMS Appledore

    Naval Base and Combined Operations Training Establishment To USN 24-07-43 & became USN Advanced Amphibious Base returned to RN 25-05-44 Appledore Docks, North Devon also Fremingham Camp, appledore 01-08-42 23-04-48
    HMS Appledore II

    Combined Operations Base Ilfracombe (might have been HMS Excellent II originally) moved to Collingwood Hotel, Illfracombe during October 1943 17-09-43 30-11-46
    HMS Ararat

    Combined Operations Training Centre Castle Toward, Dunoon, Argyll 01-06-42 Unknown
    HMS Arbella

    Combined Operations Landing Craft Training Establishment RN requisitioned Boston Workhouse, Boston Lincolnshire 21-01-43 09-08-45
    HMS Archnacarry

    RN Commando Training Assessment School Archnacarry, Inverness-shire Unknown Unknown
    HMS Ariel

    RN Air Radio & Air Mechanics Training Establishment Warrington, Risley. Moved (Equipment & Trials Section) to Worthy Down 01-07-52 08-10-42 01-07-52
    HMS Ariel II

    RNAS South Camp in use after the AR&AM moved to Worthy Down 01-07-52 00-12-52
    HMS Ariel

    RNAS/RN Air Electrical School Worthy Down, Hampshire 01-07-52 c.1959
    HMS Ariel II

    RNAS/RN Air Electrical School South Camp Worthy Down. Absorbed into new HMS Ariel II 01-07-52 00-10-59
    HMS Ariel II

    Air Electrical School After the main school component moved to Lee-on-Solent, the remaining section became HMS Ariel II 31-10-59 00-12-60
    HMS Ariel

    Air Electrical School. Re-named HMS Ariel when ground training wing moved there from Worthy Down. Renamed HMS Daedalus Lee-on-Solent. HMS Daedalus

    HMS Armadillo

    Combined Operations Camp & RN Beach Commando School for the formation and training of RN Beach Commando units. Site was transferred from War Office control 12-10-42 Ardentinny, Glenfinnart, Loch Long

    HMS Attack

    Coastal Forces Operational Base & Repair Centre Portland used the former premises of HMS Osprey 15-01-41 31-12-45
    HMS Attentive II

    Dover Patrol Shore Base? Dover Harbour 1914 31-10-19
    HMS Attentive
    Command Base for Portland Portland 01-09-39 Unknown
    USN Amphibious Supply Base

    United States Navy's main Amphibious Supply Base in Europe (95 acres) during WWII. Construction began by US Navy Construction Battalion (the Sea Bees) on 12-10-43. Handed over to RN 1946 and used as a storage facility until 31-03-97 when it was paid off. Topsham Road, Exeter. Also included sub-depots at Hawkerland Valley (60 acres) and Winslade Park (15 acres) 03-02-44 1946 c.1946 31-03-97
    HMS Bacchante

    Aberdeen Base (Rosyth Command) Station Hotel, Aberdeen 11-09-39 31-12-45
    HMS Badger

    Minesweeper Base. HQ FO-in-C Harwich underground Operations Block below Hamilton House car park Hamilton House Parkstone Quay, Harwich 13-09-39 21-10-46
    HMS Beaver

    RN Base Grimsby Grimsby Dock 26-12-39 12-03-46
    HMS Beaver II
    RN Base Immingham Immingham Dock 00-12-39 11-03-46
    HMS Beaver III

    Coastal Forces Base - Motor Launches Immingham Dock 01-05-41 01-04-42
    HMS Bee
    Coastal Forces Base. (Western Approaches Command) A 'working up' base. On moving to Holyhead, the base became HMS Grasshopper in preparation for Operation Neptune Weymouth. Used old Contraband Control Base, Edward & Alexandra Gardens Theatre, Pavilion Theatre & various hotels Moved to Holyhead in October 1943. 01-09-42 18-10-43
    HMS Bee

    Coastal Forces and Minesweeper Base Holyhead 18-10-43 21-07-45
    HMS Beehive

    Coastal Forces Base - Motor Torpedo Boat & Motor Gun Boat. This is one of the original two WWII CF bases (1st Flotilla, Felixstowe). Felixstowe Dock RN Depot. Air Sea Rescue duties shared with the RAF station Boomer Hall, Felixstowe. Also used hangar at RAF Felixstowe, the Pier Hotel (now 'Little Ships') functioned as the Wardroom, Cliff Hotel WRNS accommodation. 01-07-40 18-10-45
    Bickleigh Camp
    RM Commando Training Establishment Bickleigh, Plymouth 1940 c.1946
    HMS Birnbeck
    Experimental Station (Directorate of Miscellaneous Weapons) Brean Down Fort, Birnbeck Pier which links the mainland with an Island 02-10-42 31-01-46
    HMS Blackcat

    Combined Forces Base - came under HMS Drake IV Devonport No.13 Wharf 26-12-43 16-07-45
    HMS Blackcap

    RNAS Stretton former RAF Station Stretton, Warrington 01-06-42 04-11-58
    HMS Blazer
    Training Establishment & Gunnery Range Isle of Wight 00-04-44 01-04-46
    HMS Boscawen

    Portland Naval Base formally HMS Victory XI Portland 01-07-32 31-12-47
    HMS Brighton

    RN W/T Unit Training School 29 Queen's Road, Brighton 27-04-42 Unknown
    HMS Bristol

    RN Training Establishment Muller's Orphanage (ex War Office), Ashley Down Road, Bristol. Now Bristol College 00-10-42 01-01-43
    HMS BristolI

    RN Training Establishment. Muller's Orphanage (ex War Office), Ashley Down Road, Bristol. Now Bristol College 15-02-43 28-12-43

    University Royal Naval Unit
    HMS Britannia

    College, Dartmouth Renamed Dartmouth to release this name for Royal Yacht. The title Britannia Royal Naval College used from 1953. Dartmouth. In WWII cadets sent to Eaton Hall, Eaton Cheshire and Howstrake Camp IoM until 21-09-46 00-09-05 01-07-53
    HMS Britannia II

    Dartmouth Trawler Base Dartmouth, Re-named Dartmouth 00-06-40 23-12-43
    HMS Britannia III

    Dartmouth Coastal Forces Base - Motor Torpedo Boat & Motor Gun Boat Dartmouth. Re-named HMS Dartmouth II 01-05-41 23-12-42
    HMS Brontosaurus

    No.2 Combined Operations Base. Initial training of officers & crews of large landing craft Toward Point, Castle Toward, Dunoon, Argyll 07-08-42 31-07-46
    HMS Bruce

    Boy's Training School, formally HMS Jackdaw RNAS Crail, Fife 29-04-47 25-10-49
    Royal Marines Burmer Camp

    RM Commando Seamanship Training Camp Llwyngwry Unknown Unknown
    HMS Bunting

    Auxiliary Patrol Base Harwich & Ipswich 25-02-40 10-11-44
    HMS Buzzard

    Temporary RNAS Base Lympne Airport, Closed then re-opened as HMS Daedalus II 03-11-39 handed over to RAF 22-05-40 01-07-39 25-09-39
    HMS Cabbala

    RN Coding School. Tortworth Camp transferred to War Office 25-09-42. School then transferred to Lowton. Also included Higham Court (ex HMS Ganges), Gloucestershire which was vacated 09-11-42 and transferred to Brox Fare, Nottingham Tortworth Court, Falfield, Gloucestershire. Lowton St Mary's Leigh, Lancashire 01-03-41 25-09-42
    HMS Cabbala

    RN Coding School Lowton, Warringon 25-09-42 00-11-46
    HMS Cabbala

    RN Educational & Vocational Training School. Ex Fledgling Millmeece, Eccleshall near Stafford 00-11-46 00-02-48
    HMS Cabot

    Training School Site now Wetherby Borstal Bristol (Muller's Orphanage) then moved 15-09-42 to No.2 Hostel Thorpe Arch Royal Ordnance Factory. 13-07-40 15-07-44
    HMS Cabot

    Training School (Stewards & Cooks). Re-named HMS Demitrius, then HMS Ceres. Moved to Chatham. c.1958 Wetherby, York Road (opposite the Racecourse). Now a Borstal 15-09-42 c.1958
    HMS Cadmus
    Port of Avonmouth Base Name selected not used? 01-09-39 15-10-45
    HMS Caledonia

    Oban Base Originally called HMS St Andrews 01-07-43 30-09-45
    HMS Caledonia

    RN Apprentice Training Establishment. Formally Mechanical Training Establishment Moved to HMS Sultan. HMS Caledonia then became the main support base for RNRosyth (see below) Rosyth c.1939 01-12-46 17-12-85
    HMS Caledonia

    RN Support Establishment. Satellite to HMS Cochrane until it closed then HMS Caledonia became part of the Defence Lands Organisation. HMS Scotia is now a lodger unit The old Caledonia building Rosyth 17-12-85 01-04-96

    RNR HQ Unit Sully near Barry former married quarters and new building c.1980 c.1947 Extant

    RN Gunnery Range Wembury near Plymouth 09-08-56 1999?

    University Royal Naval Unit Cambridge University Air Squadron 2 Chaucer Road, Cambridge c.1994 Extant
    HMS Camperdown

    RNR Training Establishment. Closed as part of 'Options for Change'. Building demolished. Marine Parade, Dundee 00-08-69 29-07-94
    HMS Calliope

    Tyne Port 01-09-39 23-02-46
    HMS Calliope

    RNR Training Establishment Gateshead, South Shore Road 06-67 Extant
    RAF Calshot

    Combined Operations Training - gunnery, navigation, signals & aircraft recognition courses for Petty Officers. Roll taken over by HMS St Barbara, Bognor. RAF Calshot, Hampshire Unknown 00-09-43
    HMS Caserne Bir Hacheim

    Free French Drafting Depot Emsworth, Hampshire Unknown Unknown
    HMS Caserne Birot

    Free French Naval Establishment Greenock 00-08-42 08-03-46
    HMS Caserne Surcouf

    Free French Naval Establishment Clapham Common Unknown Unknown
    HMS Celebrity

    RN Trawler Base Milford Haven 20-11-40 16-07-45
    HMS Celtic

    Royal Marine Boom Control Detachment Oban Details unknown Unknown Unknown
    HMS Centurion

    RN Central Drafting Depot Lythe Hill House, Haslemere. Transferred to Gosport 1970 05-04-57 00-06-70
    HMS Centurion

    RN Drafting Depot/Pay & Accounting Centre Grange Road Gosport. Formally HMS Haslemere. Moved to HMS Sultan 16-10-70 31-03-94
    HMS Ceres

    RN Training Establishment Weatherby, York Road. Formally HMS Demetrius. Moved to Chatham Barracks (HMS Pembroke) 01-04-58 01-10-46 01-04-58
    HMS Ceres

    RNR Communications Training Centre. Closed as part of 'Options for Change' Yeadon, Harrowgate Road, Leeds. This is the site of the Leeds ROC Bunker 01-10-84 31-07-94
    Ceres Division

    RNR Training. Newest & smallest RN shore establishment. Is a tender to HMS Sherwood Carlton Lodge, Carlton Barracks, Leeds c.2000 Extant
    HMS Cicala

    Coastal Forces Base - Motor Torpedo Boat & Motor Gun Boat. Formally known as HMS Dartmouth II Royal Hotel, Dartmouth 01-08-43 31-12-44
    HMS Cicero

    RN Training Ship & Rehabilitation Centre Formally Wallington Camp, Fareham 23-10-47 19-04-48
    HMS Claverhouse

    (Rosyth Command) Coastal Forces Base Motor Launches Port of Leith 01-09-39 13-08-45
    HMS Claverhouse

    RN Forth Reserve Division Granton Square Edinburgh 01-10-46 00-03-59?
    Claverhouse II

    RN Mine Sweeper Base Granton 08-06-41 1945
    HMS Clio

    Barrow-in-Furness Port Barrow-in-Furness 29-08-39 1945
    HMS Cochrane

    Renamed Rosyth Naval Base 1962 (Rosyth Command). Rosyth 01-06-38 1962
    HMS Cochrane II

    RNAS Donibristle Used as Barracks 01-12-62 28-02-63
    HMS Cochrane Ii

    RN Supply & Accounting Base Rosyth 1940 1945
    HMS Cochrane III

    RN Educational & Vocational Training School Rosyth Primrose Camp 1942 1947?
    HMS Cockfosters

    RN Port Party Transit Camp and holding depot for personnel going to and returning from Germany. Replaced by HMS St Clement III Exact location unknown 12-06-44 12-09-45
    HMS Collingwood

    RN Ports Training School, RN Special Reservists, Radar & Electrical Ratings, RN Weapons Engineering School Fareham, Hampshire 10-01-40 Extant
    HMS Collingwood II

    RN Pay Centre Southampton, South Western Hotel . Renamed HMS Victory 1941 Unknown
    HMS Colonsay

    RN Mine Sweeper Base Grimsby 01-08-40 31-07-45
    HMS Condor

    RNAS airfield Absorbed Training Wing from Gamecock 11-11-58. Became RM Barracks Arbroath Extant as RM Barracks 19-06-40 01-04-71
    HMS Condor II

    RNAS (WWI) aerodrome (opened 1912) became Marine Craft Base Stannergate, Dundee 15-07-41 15-06-44
    HMS Cook

    RNZN Depot Halifax House, Strand London. Re-named HMS Maori Unknown 01-04-45
    HMS Copra

    Combined Operations Pay & Drafting Office Commissioned at Chelsea Court, SW7, moved to Southend, then to Largs 05-10-45. 30-08-43 15-01-47
    HMS Cressy

    (Rosyth Command)
    Crete Camp

    RM Commando Practical Handling Camp (Landing Craft) Barmouth Unknown Unknown
    HMS Cricket

    RN/RM Landing Craft Base. After the war the base became known as 'Cricket Camp' housing victims of the bombing of Southampton/Portsmouth Burseldon, Manor Farm, Hampshire (now Manor Farm Country Park) 15-07-43 15-07-46
    Royal Marines Fort Cumberland

    Fort constructed 1803 RM Amphibious School Portsmouth - now largely demolished c.1803 Unknown
    HMS Curlew

    RNAS airfield, formally HMS Vulture, closed for flying 14-12-53 St Merryn, Cornwall 01-01-53 10-01-56

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    Default Re: Stone Frigates

    HMS Daedalus

    RNAS Aerodrome & Airfield. Transferred to RAF 01-04-18, handed back to RNAS 24-05-39. Renamed Ariel 31-10-59 but HMS Daedalus retained for HQ at Wykeham Hall. Re-named HMS Daedalus 05-10-65 Lee-on-Solent, Hampshire 1917 31-07-96
    HMS Daedalus II

    RNAS Temporary airfield Lympne, Kent 01-01-40 00-05-40
    HMS Daedalus II

    RNAS Seaplane Base Lawrenny Ferry, Pembroke 01-02-42 24-10-43
    HMS Daedalus II

    RN Aircraft Training Establishment. Formally Lympne Old Bank House, Penhill Street, Newcastle-under-Lyme. 00-05-40 31-01-46
    HMS Daedalus III

    Camp Release Centre Opened as Bedhampton Camp, named HMS Daedalus III 29-09-45 00-09-43 01-02-47
    Dalditch Camp
    RM Commando Training Camp Dalditch, Budleigh Salterton, Devon Unknown Unknown
    HMS Dalriada

    RN Reserve HQ Unit. Reserve Training Centre Formally at HMS Inverkip (1969-1980 located in an underground Operations Block) Navy Building, Eldon Street Greenock. 30-04-65 Unknown
    HMS Dartmouth

    Dartmouth Base. Formally Britannia II Dartmouth 01-02-43 01-10-45
    HMS Dartmouth II

    Dartmouth Coastal Forces Base - Motor Torpedo Boats, Motor Gun Boats & Motor Launches. Formally HMS Britannia III, renamed HMS Cicala 00-08-43 Dartmouth 23-12-42 00-08-43
    HMS Dartmouth III

    Combined Operations Training Establishment. Renamed HMS Effingham 19-07-43 Dartmouth College & Eaton Hall 01-02-43 19-07-43
    HMS Dauntless

    WRNS Training Establishment from Westfield College NW3, then called HMTE Dauntless. Training transferred to Raleigh Burghfield near Reading 11-12-53 14-08-81
    Royal Marines Depot Deal

    Former Army Barracks, became RM Depot in 1861. Royal Marines Band from 1950-1996 Deal, Kent. Site now waiting for re-development? c.1861 c.1996
    HMS Defiance

    Devonport Training Establishment Devonport 1954 20-04-59
    HMS Defiance

    Formally Fleet Maintenance Base. 12-03-81 became HMS Defiance. Absorbed into Drake Devonport 21-04-78 31-03-94
    HMS Demetrius

    Accountant Branch & Supply & Secretariat Training Establishment. Renamed HMS Ceres 01-10-46 Wetherby, York Road opposite Racecourse, site now Borstal 15-07-44 01-10-46
    HMS Dartmouth, HMS Britannia

    Formally Britannia RN College Dartmouth 01-07-53 Extant
    HMS Diligence

    Reserve Fleet Base Hythe 03-03-53 30-04-63
    HMS Dinosaur I

    HQ for tank and landing craft training. Landing Craft Gunnery School Troon, Ayrshire
    HMS Dinosaur II

    Landing Craft Base & Repair Centre (Western Approaches Command) Irvine, Ayrshire. Renamed Fullarton 31-12-44
    HMS Dipper

    RNAS Airfield. Became a tender to HMS Heron & then reopened as satellite to HMS Heron Finally closing on 01-10-51 Hensdridge, Dorset 01-04-43 11-11-46
    HMS Dolphin

    Submarine Depot and School. Site taken over from RE in 1904, becoming a command on 31-08-12. Training only by 00-12-93. Fort Blockhouse, Gosport Became an accommodation unit for Army Medical College. School transferred to HMS Raleigh 17-09-97. 1904 30-09-98
    HMS Dolphin II

    Accommodation for Dolphin. Became part of HMS Hornet Gosport Unknown Unknown
    HMS Dolphin III

    Accommodation for Dolphin. Gosport
    HMS Dorlin

    Combined Operations Base, No.3 Combined Training Centre, site formally used by RN Special Training Establishment - Battle Training for RN Beach Signals & Royal Signals sections. Dorlin House, Acharacle, Argyll House now demolished Large training area also included the following camps: Glencripesdale Camp, Glenborrodale & Roshven Camps 23-03-42 28-11-44
    HMS Dotterel

    RNAS East Haven airfield Ex Peewit 01-05-43
    HMS Dragon

    RN Communications Training Centre King's Dock, then moved to Customs House, Cambrian Place, Swansea 01-10-84 30-06-94
    HMS Dragonfly

    Combined Operations Base. Became Mobile Landing Craft Advanced Assembly Depot and Landing Barge Base Hayling Island 07-06-43 15-01-46
    HMS Drake

    Devonport Barracks & Base. Began as HMS Vivid, renamed HMS Drake 01-01-34. Incorporated Defiance from 01-04-94 Devonport is Plymouth's naval dockyard and is sited on the Hamoaze, overlooking Cornwall. It is the largest ship repair yard in the UK. There is a modern Submarine Refit Facility which opened in May 1980, this has two dry docks & a wet berth Devonport plus Plymouth Airport from 00-09-39 to 01-05-42. Overflow camps at Yealmpton, Cornwood and Roborough plus Signal School at Glenholt Unknown Extant
    HMS Drake I

    Accounting Base Devonport c.1943 01-11-61
    HMS Drake II

    Accounting Base Stoke Damerell School c.1940 c.1958
    HMS Drake IV

    Accounting Base (Tenders) Devonport 00-08-39 31-12-46
    HMS Drake V

    Royal Australian Navy Accounts Devonport/Tavistock. Port Library 13-01-41 07-09-41
    HMS Drake X

    RN Reserve Fleet Pembroke Dock 00-02-48 c.1952
    HMS Dryad

    Originally located at Portsmouth Harbour after the school transferred ashore in 1906. The Navigation & Direction School then moved to Southwick Park, Hampshire. The House became the Forward Planning and Operational HQ of the Supreme Commander of the Allied Expeditionary Force. The plywood map still hangs in the Wardroom. Closed in 2004 the School of Maritime Operations moved to HMS Collinwood. Portsmouth Harbour - Naval Academy Building. Moved to Southwick Park and re-commissioned there on 27-09-41 The park is now the Defence Police College 01-01-06 2004
    HMS Duke

    RN Training Establishment. Became Royal Signals and Radar Establishment Great Malvern 27-05-41 31-03-46
    HMS Dundonald

    Combined Operations Training Centre Holding & Training Base for RN Beach Commandos Gailes Camp, Auchengate, Troon, Ayrshire 01-04-42 16-09-46
    HMS Dundonald II

    Combined Operations Signals School. School transferred to Fremlington House, Barnstaple Located at Galies Camp on the Forth of Clyde 01-04-42 30-06-46
    HMS Eaglet

    Port of Liverpool & RN Training Establishment - Merchant Navy Defence Course. Western Approaches Command Port of Liverpool 04-12-39 28-02-46
    HMS Eaglet II

    Birkenhead Base Formally known as HMS Irwell. Name changed back to HMS Irwell 15-08-42 Port of Birkenhead 20-09-39 15-08-42
    HMS Eaglet III

    Central Depot and Accommodation Establishment. Renamed HMS Mersey 24-12-40 David Lewis Northern Hospital Liverpool 20-09-39 24-12-40
    HMS Eaglet

    Liverpool RNR HQ Princess Dock, Liverpool, then moved to new premises? Unknown Extant
    Royal Marines Eastney

    Royal Marine Barracks, constructed from 1862 Officers Mess now RM Museum Eastney, Portsmouth. Included hutted camps: Portsmouth Gun Battery (renamed Melvile Camp 1960). Comacchio Camp. Unknown Closed
    HMS Effingham

    Combined Operations Base, formally HMS Dartmouth III. Transferred to HMS Westcliff 31-12-43 RN College Dartmouth 19-07-43 31-12-43
    HMS Elfin

    Submarine Base. Amalgamated with Dolphin (Rosyth Command) Blyth 22-12-39 21-09-45
    HMS Elfin II

    Coastal Forces Base Blyth 01-12-41 26-10-42
    HMS Essex

    Communications Training Centre Shoeburyness, Ness Road 01-10-84 31-01-92
    HMS Europa

    Patrol Service Central Depot. Formally known as HMS Pembroke X this was the main admin HQ for motor fishing vessels, motor launches, & motor minesweeper vessels. Closed 01-06-46 then re-commissioned briefly as tender to HMS Pembroke IV until 27-08-46 Sparrow's Nest, Lowestoft Port 25-08-39 01-06-46
    HMS Europa II

    Overflow Camp to HMS Europa Bungay 25-09-45 31-05-46
    HMS Evolution

    London Port Operations Base. Renamed HMS Odyssey 01-11-43 London Chelsea Court 17-09-42 01-11- 43
    HMS Excalibur

    New Entry Seaman Training Establishment (six week course). Formally HMS Tiger's Whelp Royal Marine MT Driver's Training The Bunds Alsager, Stoke-on-Trent . Now Excalibur Trading Estate 22-12-42 00-05-46 31-12-47
    HMS Excellent

    RN Training Establishment & HMS Fraser Gunnery Range. Established 01-01-1869. Re-commissioned 01-05-1891. Oldest RN shore base Whale Island 01-04-94 Extant
    HMS Excellent II

    Accounting Base. Moved to Bournemouth, Westcliffe Gardens 01-05-42. Became Appledore II 17-09-43 and transferred to Ilfracombe Unknown 17-09-43

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    Default Re: Stone Frigates

    Exton Camp

    Royal Marine Training Establishment, in 1941 became Depot RM Lympstone and in 1970 Commando Training Cam Royal Marines Lympstone, Devon c.1939 Extant
    HMS Ferret

    RNR Training Establishment Defence Intelligence Staff Branch Chicksands, Bedfordshire Unknown Extant
    HMS Fervent

    Coastal Forces Base - Motor Torpedo Boat Motor Gun Boat & Motor Launches & Air Sea Rescue Launches Royal Temple Yacht Club Ramsgate 10-10-39 17-09-45
    HMS Fervent II

    Details unknown Ramsgate 00-04-41 00-10-45
    HMS Fieldfaire

    RNAS Airfield & RN Aircraft Repair Yard Evanton, Ross-Shire 00-09-39 01-12-46
    HMS Firebrand

    Stranraer Base Stranraer 16-09-39 31-07-45
    HMS Firework

    HMS Fledgling

    Tender to HMS Daedalus II. Training of WRNS's as aircraft mechanics (airframe & engines, electrical & ordnance fitters. After decommissioning it was replaced by Educational & Vocational Training facility, HMS Cabbala was set up training released servicemen for the return to civilian life. This was decommissioned in February 1948. Newcastle under Lyme, Millmeece, Eccleshall, Staffs. A Workers Hostel Camp on the west side of the Swynnerton ROF became Fledgling 15-04-43 21-01-46
    HMS Flora

    Invergordon Port (Rosyth Command) Invergordon Aultbea, Loch Ewe Base 01-10-39 16-10-45
    HMS Flora II

    Coastal Forces Base - Motor Launches Invergordon 01-09-42 04-11-43
    HMS Flowerdown

    Former RFC school & Radio Station. RN 30-09-29 Flowerdown near Winchester c.1916 10-01-43 Extant?
    HMS Flycatcher I & II

    Former RAF Station Ludham, Norfolk 04-09-44 16-02-45
    HMS Flycatcher

    Former RAF Station Middle wallop, Hampshire 16-02-45 10-04-46
    HMS Flying Fox

    RNR HQ Unit Winterstoke Road, Bristol 1972 Extant
    HMS Foliot
    Accommodation Camp for personnel on special service. Became HMS Foliot IV Plymouth, Tamerton, Foliot 27-07-42 31-03-46
    Foliot I

    Combined Operations Landing Craft Accounting Base & Special Service HQ. From HMS Albatross. Hutted camp paid off 15-03-46 which then became an overflow barracks Plymouth, Tammerton Foliot and Calstock c.00-03-44 31-03-46
    HMS Foliot II

    Combined Operations Landing Craft Repair Base Efford, Plymouth c.00-07-43 c.00-12-44
    HMS Foliot III

    Combined Operations Landing Craft Base & holding base for personnel. Brickleigh, Plymouth c.00-07-43 c.00-10-46
    HMS Foliot IV

    Landing Craft Accounts Granby Barracks, Plymouth 02-04-46 12-08-46
    HMS Foral

    HQ Force L Southwold. Moved to St Felix School, Southwold Unknown c.00-06-44
    HMS Forest Moor

    Radio Station, former Army Camp Darley, Harrowgate 03-10-60 c.1996
    HMS Forte

    Falmouth Naval Base Falmouth 24-08-39 31-01-46
    HMS Forte II

    Falmouth Naval HQ Tregwynt, Falmouth 10-05-41 Unknown
    HMS Forte III

    Unknown Taylor's Garage, Falmouth 10-05-41 Unknown
    HMS Forte IV

    Coastal Forces Base - Motor Launches Falmouth 07-08-41 06-11-44
    HMS Fortitude

    Ardrossan Base (Western Approaches Command) Ardrossan 20-04-40 30-09-45
    HMS Fortitude II

    Coastal Forces Base Ardrossan 07-05-41 Unknown
    HMS Forward

    The 5th HMS Forward was an underground Naval Intelligence Operations Centre built by 172nd Tunnelling Company, RE On B2109 at South Heighton. Newhaven, East Sussex. Entrance used to be through Denton House (demolished 1996) c.1941 31-08-45
    HMS Forward II

    Coastal Forces Base - Motor Torpedo Boats re-named HMS Aggressive London and Paris Hotel 04-03-41 04-11-42
    HMS Forward

    RNR Communications Training Centre Regional Training Centre, Small Heath Birmingham University Royal Naval Unit Birmingham. At Broad Street, then Sampson Road North, Camp Hill from c.1986 until 1999. New building built at Small Heath (opposite Birmingham City Football Club) 01-10-84 Extant
    HMS Fox

    Lerwick Base Lerwick 25-08-39 30-09-45
    HMS Fox II

    Coastal Forces Base - Motor Torpedo Boat & Motor Launches Lerwick 20-07-42 31-03-44
    HMS Fullarton

    Landing Craft Base. Formally HMS Dinosaur I Irvine, Ayrshire 01-01-45 30-11-46
    HMS Fulmar

    Lossiemouth former RAF Station. Returned to RAF 29-09-72 Lossiemouth, Morayshire 02-07-46 29-09-72
    Fulmar II

    RNAS Twatt airfield Twatt, Orkney Unknown 00-09-46
    HMS Galatea

    RNR Drill Ship Hedon, Hull, Earles Road 21-10-38 31-03-58
    HMS Gamecock

    Bramcote former RAF Station Naval Air Mechanic Training. Unit transferred to Arbroath 01-11-58. Site transferred to Royal Artillery Gamecock Barracks Bramcote, Nuneaton, Warwickshire 12-12-46 25-03-59
    HMS Ganges I & II

    RN Training Establishment. Took name of Ganges in 1927 previously Shotley. RN Boys' Training School. In 1940 transferred to HMS St George, IoM, replaced by Hostilities Only Training. Re-opened as Boy's Training Establishment 00-07-45 until 1976 Shotley, Felixstowe Higham Court Camp near Gloucester used as overflow 04-10-05 00-10-76
    Gibraltar Camp

    RM Commando Basic Seamanship Training Camp (not a ship) Llanegryn Unknown Unknown

    Glasgow University Royal Naval Unit Glasgow University Campus c.1972 Extant
    HMS Glendower

    Seamanship Training Establishment Pwlheli - New Butlins Camp 01-10-40 01-09-46
    HMS Godwit

    RNAS Hinstock, former MAP Satellite Landing Ground Ollerton/Hinstock, Salop 14-06-43 28-02-47
    HMS Godwit II

    RNAS Weston Park, former MAP Satellite Landing Ground Weston Park, Shropshire c.1944 c.1945
    HMS Godwit II

    RNAS Peplow, former RAF Station Peplow, Salop c.1944 c.1945
    HMS Goldcrest

    RNAS Angle, former RAF Station. Name transferred to Dale, Angle then handed back to RAF Angle, Pembrokeshire 15-05-43 07-09-43
    HMS Goldcrest

    RNAS Dale, former RAF Station. Transferred from Angle Dale, Pembrokeshire 05-09-43 31-10-48
    HMS Goldcrest II

    RNAS Brawdy, former RAF Station. RN used it as satellite to Dale. Became HMS Goldcrest 04-09-52 until 01-04-71 then transferred back to RAF Brawdy, Pembrokeshire. Also included a relief airfield at St Davids lent by the RAF 1947-1961 01-01-46 01-04-71
    HMS Gordon

    RNR Nautical Sea Training College for ratings going into Merchant Navy. Formally HMS Gamebird. Renamed HMS Gordon, then HMS General Gordon on 01-12-43. Reverted back to original name before being paid off. Gravesend, Kent 27-01-41 30-11-44
    HMS Gosling

    New Entry Training Establishment for airframe fitters, radio mechanics, RM trainees & RNAS Defence Force. Became General Service Training Establishment 01-03-46 Risley, Warrington, Lancashire 01-07-42 21-10-47
    HMS Grasshopper

    Combined Operations Base for Operation Neptune, on site vacated by HMS Bee Weymouth, including Alexandria Gardens Theatre, various hotels & Pavilion Theatre 15-10-43 28-04-44
    HMS Great Nore

    Thames Fort AA Tower under Army Control Thames 00-08-43 Unknown
    HMS Haig

    Combined Operations Base Rye, Isle of Wight 20-08-43 22-02-44 15-09-43 10-01-45
    HMS Hallam

    RNR Communications Training Centre Closed as part of 'Options for Change' Claremont Crescent, Sheffield 01-10-84 31-01-92
    HM Royal Hospital Haslar

    HMS Headingley

    WRNS Training Establishment Wesley College, Headingley Leeds 27-01-44 14-01-46
    HMS Helder

    Combined Operations Base, formally at Nemo Brightlingsea, using the Martello Tower and a camp at St Osyth
    HMS Helicon

    (Western Approaches Command) Aultbea Base Loch Ewe 14-06-41 06-08-45
    HMS Heron

    RNAS Yeovilton airfield Included Charlton Horthorne & RAF Merryfield 21-11-56 - 1990 Yeovilton, Somerset. 18-06-40 Extant
    HMS Heron II

    RNAS Haldon, former civil airport Haldon near Bishopsteighnton, Devon. c.1941 c.1946
    HMS Heron II

    RNAS Charlton Horthorne Charlton Horthorne, Somerset 26-05-42 01-04-45
    HMS Heron II

    RNAS Hensdridge Hensdridge, Dorset 11-11-46 c.1957
    HMS Hornbill

    RNAS Culham RN Aircraft Receipt & Despatch Centre Culham, Oxfordshire 01-11-44 c.1959
    HMS Hornbill II

    Former RAF Halesworth Halesworth, Beccles, Suffolk. Includes Bungay airfield 01-07-45 18-07-53
    HMS Hornet

    Coastal Forces Depot - Motor Torpedo Boat - one of the original WWII CF bases and the last one to close. Became Joint Service Adventurous Training Centre which commenced on 23-05-64 Gosport, now Hornet Sailing Centre 19-04-21 20-12-39 Unknown 30-09-57
    HMS Humming Bird

    RNAS Zeals, former RAF Station Zeals, Somerset 18-05-45 1502-46

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    Default Re: Stone Frigates

    HMS Icarus
    RNAS Houton Bay & Caldale, Scapa Flow Stations Central Depot for Air Services, Orkney Orkney 01-10-17 c.1918
    HMS Iolaire
    Auxiliary Patrol Base 26-09-15 19-05-19
    HMS Iron Duke
    Coastal Forces Base - Motor Launches Scapa Flow
    HMS Jackdaw
    RNAS Crail. After closure re-opened as HMS Bruce University Flying Squadron, Storage Depot & Joint Service Linguistic School Crail, Fife 01-10-40 28-04-47
    HMS Jackdaw II
    RNAS Dunino, former RAF station. Became HMS Merlin III on 01-10-45 Dunino, Fife 01-12-42 c.1946
    HMS James Cook
    Combined Operations Beach Training Establishment Naval Beach Pilotage Training Establishment Glen Caladh Castle, near Tighnabruaich, Bute 11-11-42 30-09-45
    HMS Kestrel
    Telegraphist Air Gunner School, School of Aircraft Maintenance, Educational & Vocational Training. Included airfields at Bush Barn, Haslemere, Somerford & Thorney Island Became HMS Ariel Former RAF Worthy Down, Winchester. 24-05-39 00-07-52
    HMS King Alfred
    Training Establishment for Hostilities Only Ratings. Various sections (1943): HMS King Alfred (H) Main Building Kingsway HMS King Alfred (L) Lancing College, Shoreham-by-Sea (Admiralty Selection Board) HMS King Alfred (M) Mowden School, The Droveway, Hove.. Transferred to Exbury House 07-01-46. Ex RNR HQ. Drill Hall became HMS Forward Hove Battery, Hove Marina, Sussex. Also used South Victoria Terrace. Municipal Swimming Baths, Underground Car Park at Hove Marina, Langfords Hotel (Third Avenue), Lawns Hotel (Kingsway) & a house called 'San Remo' used as WRNS accommodation. Exbury House, Southampton 14-09-39? 00-08-46
    HMS King Alfred II
    Training Establishment for RNVR Officers for Combined Operations HMS King Alfred (M) by 1943 Mowden School, The Droveway, Hove c.1940 c.1944
    HMS King Alfred
    Training Establishment for RNVR Officers Moved from HMS King Alfred, Hove 07-01-46 and closed 05-08-46. Re-opened 10-08-46 as HMS Hawke Exbury House, Southampton 07-01-46 05-08-46
    HMS King Alfred
    Training Establishment for RNVR Officers. At this time Hove became King Alfred II Whale Island 01-06-94 Extant
    HMS Kingfisher
    Auxiliary Patrol Base. Amalgamated with Lowestoft 20-09-19 and then closed Great Yarmouth 23-08-15 30-11-19
    HMS Kredemnon
    Degaussing Establishment Weymouth College, Weymouth 01-06-40 12-07-40
    HMS Landrail
    RNAS Campbeltown, former Airport. Re-named HMS Landrail II when Machrihannish became parent station Campbeltown 01-04-41 c.1945
    HMS Landrail
    RNAS Machrihannish. Transferred to Air Ministry 27-05-63 Machrihannish, Argyllshire 15-06-41 Extant
    HMS Leigh
    Southend-on-Sea Base.. Also included WRNS Signals Unit, Hampton, Beehive Lane, Great Badow near Chelmsford and a Naval Party at Holehaven Creek Southend-on-Sea, Essex Southend Pier used as an assembly point for convoys. Pier badly damaged by fire in 1976 01-10-41 31-10-45
    HMS Leigh II
    Combined Operations Training Base Princess, Haslemere & Kingsway Hotels. Butts Baltic Wharf, Aldrington Basin, Shoreham 07-10-42 31-12-45
    HMS Lizard
    Combined Operations Landing Craft Base Landing Craft Maintenance Base Shoreham Base Shoreham, Haslemere Hotel, John Brown's Wharf 07-10-42 31-12-45
    HMS Lochailort
    Combined Operations Training School for Boat Officers. Former Infantry Training School Inverailort Castle
    HMS Lochinvar
    Minesweeper Training Base 21-11-39 (Rosyth Command). Operational Minesweeper Base 00-01-41 until 00-03-46. Port Edgar re-named HMS Hopetoun Fishery Protection Squadron (19-03-63 - 01-09-75) moved to HMS Cochrane Port Edgar/Granton 00-09-17 00-12-75
    HMS Lochinvar II
    Accounting Base Granton/ Edgar Unknown Unknown
    Combined Operations Command HQ (not a ship) Admiralty House June to August 1940 then moved to 1a Richmond Terrace
    HMS Lucifer
    Swansea Base (Western Approaches Command) Name also included Cardiff, Avonmouth, Barry and Newport Swansea Port 01-11-39 31-03-46
    HMS Lynx
    Dover Base, included Dover College Dover Port 17-09-39 30-11-46
    HMS Lynx II
    Dover Landing Craft Base Dover Port 01-01-45 09-08-45
    HMS Manatee
    Landing Craft Base & Combined Operations Base Yarmouth, Isle of Wight, Norton & Savoy Camps & Malta Cottage - known as the Savoy Holiday Home 15-11-42 00-09-44
    HMS Mantis
    Coastal Forces Base - Motor Torpedo Boat, Motor Gun Boat & Motor Launches. Formally HMS Minos II Lowestoft 26-07-42 30-06-45
    HMS Maori
    RNZN HQ in UK, formally known as HMS Cook London Unknown Unknown
    HMS Marryat
    Admiralty Signal Establishment Extension. Formally HMS Sherbrooke Glasgow 18-02-46 30-06-46
    HMS Martello
    Auxiliary Patrol Base & Minesweeper Base Lowestoft 31-05-40 22-10-46
    HMS Mastodon
    Combined Operations Base - A holding base for crews Beaulieu, Exbury House, Exbury, Hampshire 06-05-42 06-07-45
    HMS Medina
    FAA overflow Camp (Tender to HMS Daedalus) & Combined Operations Landing Craft Base Puckpool, near Ryde, Isle of Wight 15-11-39 31-07-42
    HMS Menace
    RM Ports Mobile Naval Base Defence Organisation Unknown 03-12-41 c.1943
    HMS Menestheus
    Combined Operations (Western Approaches Command)
    HMS Mentor
    Minesweeper Base (Western Approaches Command) Stornoway 16-09-39 15-11-44
    HMS Mentor II
    Coastal Forces Base Stornoway 24-06-41 00-09-43
    HMS Mercury
    HM Signal School School of Maritime Operations. Communications & Navigation. Included RN W/T School, St Bedes near Eastbourne and WRNS Training Establishment at Soberton Towers. Closed under 'Options for Change' Leydene House, East Meon near Petersfield. There was also an Experimental Section at Lythe Hill House, Haslemere and Production & Development Section at Whitwell Hatch Hotel, Haslemere. 16-08-41 00-08-93
    HMS Mercury II
    Experimental Signal Establishment Formally a Signal School set up in 1917 at Eastney. Moved to Lythe Hill House 1941. Lythe Hill House, Haslemere Also Labs/workshops at King Edward School, Whitley, Valve Section at Waterlooville, Aerials at Nutbourne and Trials at Tantallon, near North Berwick. 25-08-41 c.1952
    HMS Mercury II
    Admiral Signal & Radar Establishment Portsdown c.1952 Unknown
    HMS Merganser
    RNAS Rattery Torpedo Bomber, Reconnaissance Aircrew School Naval Observer School Crimond/Rattery, Aberdeenshire. Site sold c.1963, but c.1973, 484 acres bought back for use as a W/T Station 03-10-44 Extant (part)
    HMS Merlin
    RNAS Donibristle. Former WWI RNAS station and later used as an RAF station. RN Aircraft Repair & Storage Yard. Donibristle, Fife. Also included RN Ancillary Repair Depot Dunfermline, RN Component Recovery Depot Forthbank, Alloa, RN Aircraft Propeller Works Dundee & Engine Storage Depot at Alloa. 24-05-39 23-10-59
    HMS Merlin III
    RNAS Dunino, formally Jackdaw Dunino, Fife Unknown Unknown
    HMS Midge I &HMS Midge II
    Coastal Forces Base - Motor Torpedo Boat, Motor Gun Boat & Motor Launches Great Yarmouth 01-01-41 21-07-45
    HMS Minerva
    Sheerness Reserve Fleet Sheerness Dockyard 01-07-50 01-04-53
    HMS Minos
    Naval Base, Harbour Defence Base Waveney Road, Lowestoft 01-07-40 30-09-45
    HMS Minos II
    Coastal Forces Base - Motor Torpedo Boat, Motor Gun Boat & Motor Launches. Re-named HMS Mantis Waveney Road, Lowestoft 01-05-40 Unknown
    HMS Miranda
    Minesweeper Base Great Yarmouth 16-10-40 21-07-45
    HMS Mirtle
    Mine Investigation Range Disused quarry close to Vernon Unknown Unknown
    HMS Monck I & HMS Monck II
    Landing Craft Base Largs (Western Approaches Command) HQ Combined Operations Training, Largs Landing Craft Base Port Glasgow for the assembly & repair of troop landing craft. Largs/Port Glasgow/Greenock.. The locations varied from Largs to Port Glasgow. 01-04-42? 30-09-46
    HMS Mylodon
    Combined Operations & Landing Craft Tank Base, RM Commando Training Establishmrent Lowestoft/Great Yarmouth (sites taken over from Arbella) 19-01-43 28-06-43

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    Default Re: Stone Frigates

    HMS Nabhurst
    Mobile Naval Air Base X Middle Wallop 01-09-45 12-10-45
    HMS Nelson
    RN Barracks, formally HMS Victory Portsmouth 01-08-74 Extant?
    HMS Nemo
    Auxiliary Patrol Base Brightlingsea, Essex 01-07-40 16-05-45
    HMS Neptune
    Chatham Reserve Fleet Chatham 01-07-50 11-05-60
    HMS Neptune
    Submarine Base Faslane 10-08-67 Extant
    HMS Newt
    Combined Operations Training Base Newhaven Base West Quay, Newhaven 15-10-42 22-06-45
    HMS Nighthawk
    RNAS Drem, former RFC/RAF Station. Initially a tender to HMS Merlin, commissioned 01-06-45 as HMS Nighthawk. Returned to RAF 15-03-46. RAF Macmerry (on loan) was satellite to Drem Drem, E Lothian 21-04-45 15-03-46
    HMS Nightjar
    RNAS Inskip Became Radio Station 1958 Inskip. Lancs 15-05-43 02-07-46
    Training Establishment (Western Approaches Command). Tender to HMS Osprey Campbelltown 01-03-40 28-02-46
    HMS Niobe
    Royal Canadian Navy Depot, formally Dominion. Moved to Smithston Institute, Greenock. Re-commissioned 09-02-46 at Haymarket London, paid off 31-08-65 Plymouth, Albert Road 01-03-41 01-04-46
    HMS Northney
    Landing Craft Training Establishment Combined Operations Camp. Landing Craft Base & Maintenance Facility Hayling Island 15-06-40 01-01-46
    HMS Northney II & HMS Northney III
    Landing Craft Base assembly base for Landing Craft mobile units. Camp III Holding Base Hayling Island 06-04-42? 21-01-46
    HMS Northney IV
    Sunshine Camp, formally Mobile Naval Base Defence Organisation Base Hayling Island 25-11-42 21-01-46
    HMS Nuthatch
    RNAS Anthorn. RNAS Receipt & Despatch Unit. Became NATO Radio Station 27-11-64 Anthorn, Cumberland 07-09-44 28-02-58 Extant?
    University Royal Naval Unit
    HMS Northwood
    RNR HQ, formally at Warrior. To Brackenhill House 28-03-88 Northwood, Middlesex 06-05-57 Extant
    HMS Odyssey
    Naval Party Accounting Base, formally HMS Excellent II Collingwood Hotel, Ilfracombe 01-11-43 31-05-46
    HMS Onset
    Combined Operations Base. Landing Craft Receipt & Despatch and Storage. Transferred to HMS Irwell Birkenhead 31-05-45 04-03-46
    HMS Orlando
    Accounts (Western Approaches Command) Greenock 01-04-40 01-08-45
    HMS Osborne
    Cowes Base - merged with HMS TormentorII to form HMS Vectis Cowes, Isle of Wight 00-01-42 08-06-42
    HMS Osborne
    Ryde Base parent base for all establishments on the Island Ryde, Isle of Wight 01-10-42 15-08-45
    HMS Osea
    Motor Boat Base Osea Island, Clacton-on-Sea 19-06-18 19-04-21
    HMS Osprey
    Combined Operations Base (Western Approaches Command) Inveraray
    HMS Osprey
    Training Establishment, became Portland Base when Boscawen was paid off. Portland Base 01-04-24 31-03-95
    HMS Owl
    RNAS Fearn, formall RAD Fearn Fearn Ross-Shire 01-08-42 02-07-46
    University Royal Naval Unit
    HMS Paragon
    Minesweeper Base (Rosyth Command) Hartlepool 27-10-39 30-11-45
    HMS Paragon
    RNR Communications Training Centre Stockton, Finkle Street. Moved to Linthorpe Road, Middlesborough c.1989 01-10-84
    HMS Pasco
    Combined Operations. Landing Craft Signals School, formally PoW Camp Glenbranter Camp, Strachur (Loch Fyne) 14-12-42 c.00.10-45
    HMS Patrol
    Lyness Scapa Flow Base Lyness, Orkney Islands c.1939 Unknown
    HMS Peewit
    RNAS Easthaven East Haven, Angus 01-05-43 15-08-46
    HMS Pellew
    RNR Communications Training Centre Sidewell Street/Dryden Road, Exeter 01-10.84 29-07-94
    HMS Pembroke
    RN Barracks Chatham 30-04-03 c.1983
    HMS Pembroke I
    RN Accounting Base Chatham 25-02-40 c.1960
    HMS Pembroke II
    RNAS Eastchurch. Transferred to RAF Isle of Sheppy 00-06-13 01-04-18
    HMS Pembroke II
    Accounting Base Chatham 25-2-40 c.1957
    HMS Pembroke III
    WRNS Accounting Base. Merged with HMS President I (1952). Also at New College (Oxford), Westfield College, Wesley College Leeds & Burghfield London Mill Hill, including Chelsea Court, Soho, Barkeston Gardens Earls Court, Crosby Hall (Highgate) & Woodford Green 31-03-42 c.1952
    HMS Pembroke IV
    Chatham Accounting Base RN Barracks Chatham & Gordon House, Star Hill Rochester c.1919 20-03-46
    HMS Pembroke V
    Station X Bletchley Park Bletchley Park but also Stanmore, Eastcote, Woburn Abbey, Stockgrove Park, Wavendon House, Wavendon Park Farm, Crawley Grange, RNSQ Crawley, Walton Hall, Walton Rectory, Gayhurst Manor & Steeple Claydon c.1941 c.1942
    HMS Pembroke VI
    Chatham Accounting Section Chatham 28-11-19 Unknown
    HMS Pembroke VIII
    Naval Humber Base, formally Wallington Unknown 01-01-20 c.1921
    Pembroke X RN Patrol Service HQ. Became Europa Lowestoft, Sparrow's Nest 21-120-39 14-03-40
    HMS Peregrine
    RNAS Ford, formally RAF Ford. Handed back to RAF, then re-commissioned Ford, Sussex 24-05-39 15-08-45 30-09-40 13-11-58
    HMS Phoenix
    RN School of Chemical Warfare, formally Damage Control School. Became Naval Atomic Bacteriological, Chemical & Damage Control School. Tender to HMS Excellent Stamshaw. Also Anti-Gas School Tipner c.1946 Unknown
    HMS Phoenix
    Tipnor Ports Training Establishment. Re-opened as NBCD School, HMS Pheonix Whale Island on 31-08-93 Stamshaw 01-03-67 23-07-93
    Port ZA
    Formally known as Port B. Became HMS Trelawney 11-06-40 (Western Approaches Command) Lochalsh Base 00-07-40 11-06-40
    HMS President
    RN Accounting Base Various addresses in London including Royal Victoria Yard, Deptford, also Furze House c.1918 Extant?
    HMS President I
    RN Accounting Base Various addresses in London including Royal Victoria Yard, Deptford, also 18 Mardol Shrewsbury, Chelsea Court, London c.1918 Unknown
    HMS President II
    RN Accounting Base RN Barracks Chatham, moved 1940 to Lower Regent Street, then to Queen Ann's Mansion SW1 c.1916 Unknown
    HMS President III
    RN Accounting Base Clark's College, 15 Whiteladies Road Bristol, moved to Dedworth Manor Windsor, then to Hodgson House Eton College (1945). Moved to Chelsea Court (1947) & merged into President I c.1939 c.1946
    HMS President IV
    RN London Accounting Base Unknown c.1918 c.1926
    HMS President V
    RN Training School for Accounting Branch. Moved to Wetherby & merged into Demetrius Highgate School, N6 01-11-41 14-07-44
    HMS President
    RNR HQ Unit 72 St Katherine's Way, London Unknown Extant
    HMS Proserpine
    Minesweeper Base Scapa Flow 09-09-39 c.1946
    HMS Purbeck
    Dorset Range Clearance Establishment Studland Bay 01-02-46 Unknown
    HMS Pyramus
    Minesweeper Base Kirkwall, Orkney 06-09-39 31-07-45
    HMS Pyramus II
    Northern Patrol Kirkwall, Orkney 29-01-40 00-06-42
    HMS Quebec
    Combined Operations. Training (Western Approaches Command). Training in landing operations. Lamlas. Inveraray, Argyllshire Largge training area & includes the following: Chamois Camp, Kilbride Camp, Avenue Camp, Town Camp, Dukes Camp, Castle Camp & Shire Camp. 01-09-40 01-07-46
    Quebec II
    Combined Operations HQ Northern Patrol. Hollywood Hotel, Largs 12-09-41 31-03-42
    Royal Canadian Navy Summer Camp Farnham Unknown Unknown
    Raleigh is the 6th ship to carry this name. It was built as a Training Establishment for men called up under the Military Training Act of 1938. RN Special Reservists (1940). In 1944 the base was handed over to forces of the USA and used as an embarkation base. Handed back to RN on 24-07-44. Stoker's TE (1947) when HMS Imperieuse closed. New Entry TE (1958). WRNS Part 1 Training was added following the closure of HMS Dauntless. In September 1983 the RN Supply School from HMS Pembroke came under Raleigh and the New Entry Training Artificer Apprentices transferred from HMS Fishguard. Torpoint, Cornwall 09-01-40 Extant
    HMS Rameses
    Depot Ship for Minelaying Vessels Rameses House, Grangemouth 01-01-18 03-03-19
    RN School of Medicine Eastleigh, Southampton also a lodger unit at RAF Christchurch 01-07-39 30-04-47
    HMS Red Sands
    Thames Fort Thames 1942 Unknown
    Glamorgan Base Barry 08-09-39 01-01-45
    HMS Ringtail
    RNAS Burscough Burscough, Ormskirk, Lancashire 01-09-43 15-06-46
    HMS Ringtail II
    RNAS Woodvale, formally RAF Woodvale Woodvale, Formby, Lancashire 07-04-45 28-01-46
    HMS Roberston
    Fleet Mail Office GPO Reading c.1942 Unknown
    HMS Robertson
    Combined Operations Base, formally a WWII Jewish Refugee Camp but originally it was a WWI Transit Camp Kitchener Camp, Richborough, Kent 23-06-43 31-08-46
    HMS Robin
    RNAS Grimsetter, formally RAF Grimsetter Grimsetter, Kirwall, Orkneys 15-08-43 31-07-45
    HMS Rodent
    Special Boat Unit HQ - Controlled RN Boom Commando (RM Boom Patrol Detachment) units, Pilotage Parties & Special Boat Sections Coldhayes, Liss, Hampshire 30-10-43 17-02-44
    HMS Romola
    Minesweeper Base Lowestoft 07-11-39 14-03-40
    HMS Rooke
    Boom Defence Central Depot Rosyth 09-04-40 30-06-46
    HMS Roseneath
    Combined Operations Base, formally HMS Louisburg. Became USN Base Two (29-09-42). Re-commissioned 12-01-43 & paid off 19-08-43 before returning to USN as US Base Two until 05-05-45. Re-commissioned as a tender to HMS Monck to become Main Holding Base for UK Combined Operations personnel Roseneath, Dumbartonshire 03-08-42 12-01-43 13-06-45 03-10-42 19-08-43 c.1948
    HMS Rosmarkie
    Landing Craft Base Fortrose, Ross & Cromarty 01-12-43 25-04-44
    HMS Roughs Fort
    Thames Fort Off Harwich 08-02-42 Unknown
    HMS Royal Arthur
    Central Reception Depot, formally Butlins Holiday Camp Skegness 22-09-39 c.1946
    HMS Royal Arthur
    Petty Officers' Leadership School. After paid off, the name transferred to Petty Officer Camp Kingsmoor (from 16-03-50) which closed 05-03-93 Lypiatt Camp, Corsham, Wiltshire. Site now derelict 12-01-47 15-03-50
    HMS Royal Charter
    Minesweeper Base Grimsby 04-06-40 18-08-41

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    Default Re: Stone Frigates

    HMS Safeguard

    Boom Defence Depot, formally HMS Rooke Rosyth 01-07-46 c.1969
    HMS St Andrew

    Oban Base, renamed Caledonia Oban 01-03-41 01-07-43
    HMS St Barbara

    AA Range. Task transferred to Dinosaur Bognor Regis 10-09-43 14-06-45
    HMS St Christopher

    Coastal Forces Training School Fort William 31-10-40 31-12-44
    HMS St Clement & HMS St Clement I, II & III

    Combined Operations Base. Coal House Fort Tilbury, Essex St Clement I at Perrys, Tilbury 07-09-43 20-01-46
    HMS St George

    Boy's Training Establishment for boys evacuated from HMS St Vincent & HMS Caledonia Douglas, Isle of Man 09-09-39 31-12-45
    HMS St George & HMS St George II

    Training School for Short Service Ratings open on the closure of HMS St George in the IoM. Transferred to HMS Raleigh c.1948 and barracks to War Office Gosport 01-01-46 c.1948
    HMS St George

    Fraser Gunnery Range, formally Experimental AA Battery. Officer Training School Eastney Portsmouth 16-09-63 01-08-68
    HMS St Mathew

    Combined Operations Training Base. Task transferred to HMS Quebec Burnham-on-Crouch 08-11-43 31-10-45
    HMS St Vincent

    Boys' Training Establishment. Boys then evacuated to IoM and replaced by: Air Branch Officer's TE Signal School & Torpedo Training School. Reverted back to Boys' TE 01-12-45 Forton Barracks, Gosport 01-06-27 02-04-69
    HMS St Vincent

    WRNS Accommodation Queen's Gate Terrace, London c.1985 31-03-92
    HMS St Vincent

    Whitehall Communications Centre. Became part of HMS St Vincent Whitehall, London 01-04-92 31-03-98
    HMS Salcombe

    Combined Operations Base, became HMS Tennyson (1944) Salcombe Hotel & Imperial Hotel, Exmouth 17-07-43 10-01-44
    HMS Sanderling

    RNAS Abbotsinch, formally RAF Abbotsinch. Handed over to Ministry of Aviation Abbotsinch near Glasgow 20-09-43 31-10-53
    HMS Sanderling II

    RNAS Machrihanish Machrihanish Unknown Unknown
    HMS Sandfly

    Combined Forces Base Peterhead 05-05-41 25-10-43

    Experimental Hydrophone Establishment Portland 01-03-18 c.1919

    Sunderland Base Sunderland Port 01-09-39 15-09-45
    HMS Scotia

    Signals Training Establishment Lowton St Mary's, Warrington 06-01-42 19-01-48
    HMS Scotia

    RNR HQ Unit Rosyth, lodger unit at Caladonia Unknown Extant
    HMS Seahawk

    Coastal Forces Anti-Submarine Training School Adrishaig 01-01-41 04-11-44
    HMS Seahawk

    RNAS Culdrose Culdrose, Helston, Cornwall 17-04-47 Extant
    HMS Sea Serpent

    Combined Operations Base, formally Combined Operations 'Suspense Base'. Landing Craft Base. Former Ideal Holiday Camp & Gibson's Camp Bracklesham Bay, Bracklesham Hotel Bracklesham Bay & Birdham, Chichester. 20-10-42 30-06-45
    HMS Sefton

    Combined Forces Base also known as HMS Forward II & HMS Aggressive Newhaven Unknown Unknown
    HMS Sentinel

    Fife Base Methil 01-09-39 15-11-45
    HMS Sherwood

    Communication Training Centre Reserve Training Centre Nottingham, Carrington Street to 1986, then Chalfont Drive 01-10-84 Extant?
    HMS Shivering Sands

    Thames Fort Thames c.1942 Unknown
    HMS Shotley

    Shotley Port adjacent to Ganges Shotley Gate, Suffolk Unknown Unknown
    HMS Shrapnel

    Southampton Base. Also included Government Training Centre Letchworth Southampton Port 09-06-42 03-09-46
    HMS Siskin

    RNAS Dounreay, formally RAF Dounreay Dounreay, Caithness c.00-04-44 Unknown
    HMS Siskin

    RNAS Gosport. Became Sultan Gosport 01-08-45 31-05-56
    HMS Skirmisher

    Milford Haven Base Milford Haven Dock 12-09-39 31-08-45
    HMS Skirmisher II

    Coastal Forces Base Pembroke Dock 01-05-41 11-11-44
    HMS Southwick Fort

    RNR HQ Southwick, Fareham 11-06-58 31-03-94
    HMS Sparrowhawk

    RNAS Hatston Hatston, Kirkwall, Orkney 02-10-39 01-08-45
    HMS Sparrowhawk

    RNAS Halesworth, formally RAF Halesworth. Transferred back to RAF Halesworth, Suffolk 05-08-45 15-03-46
    HMS Spartiate

    Glasgow Base (Western Approaches Command) Clyde Port 03-09-39 31-03-46
    HMS Spartiate II

    WRNS Training Establishment Tullichewan 29-05-43 06-12-44
    HMS Squid

    Combined Operations Tank Landing Craft Repair Base. Merged into Shrapnel. Also made use of Elmfield Court, Oakville Mansions, Devonshire Buildings & Southern Railway Depot were all used by HMS Squid Harland & Wolff 'B' Works, Southampton. 01-09-42 01-02-46
    Squid II

    Combined Operations Staff HQ Westcliff Hotel, Hythe 26-02-44 19-04-45
    HMS Standard

    Naval Labour Corps Camp Keilder Camp, Hexham, Northumberland 15-01-42 13-07-45
    Stanger Head


    Combined Operations Base (not a ship)
    HMS Stopford

    Combined Operations Base Landing Craft Base for 'working up' prior to operations. Passive Defence School & Balloon School Bo'ness, West Lothian. Used the LNER Docks as its Landing Craft Base as well as Bo'ness Hosiery factory as quarters 18-04-42 15-09-45
    HMS Sultan

    Marine Engineering Training Establishment School of Aircraft Handling Gosport, Hampshire 01-06-56 Extant
    HMS Sunkhead Fort

    Thames Estuary Defence Unit No.2 Off Harwich 01-05-42 c.1945
    HMS Sussex

    RNR HQ Maxwell's Wharf, Hove, Sussex 28-04-51 31-03-94
    HMS Sussex

    University Royal Naval Unit Shoreham c.1990 Extant
    HMS Tadpole

    Coastal Forces Base. Merged with HMS Turtle Sydenham's Yard, Pool also premises at Royal Motor Yacht Club, Sandbanks 24-05-44 30-11-44
    HMS Temeraire

    RN School of Physical Training. A modern complex constructed 1988. The name was first used for a shore base in 1955, at the former Yardman's Training School at Port Edgar. In 1960 this college closed and a HMS Temeraire Training Division was established at the Britannia Naval College, Dartmouth. When this college closed the name remained unused until 1971 when the RN Naval School of Physical Training was re-commissioned as HMS Temeraire at Pitt Street, Portsmouth which remained there until 1988 when it moved to its present site. Portsmouth, Burnaby Road 22-09-10 Unknown
    HMS Tennyson

    Landing Barge Base, formally Salcombe Imperial Hotel, Exmouth 10-01-44 24-07-45
    HMS Tern

    RNAS Twatt Twatt, Orkney 01-01-42 20-10-45
    HMS Tern II

    RNAS Skaebrae satellite airfield to Sparrowhawk, formally RAF Skaebrae Skaebrae Unknown Unknown
    HMS Thunderer

    Engineering College. Founded at Keyham on 01-07-1880, opened at Manadon 07-05-40. Keyham closed 09-05-40 Keyham & Manadon, Plymouth 01-12-46 15-09-95
    HMS Tongue Sand Fort

    Thames Estuary Defence Unit No.3 - this was the only fort to have sunk an enemy vessel Thames 17-06-42 c.1948
    HMS Torch & Torch II

    (Western Approaches Command) Coastal Forces Base & Minesweeper Base Hollyhead 11-09-39 c.1945
    HMS Tormentor

    Combined Operations Base Landing Craft Maintenance Base Former Household Brigade Yacht Club, Hamble, Southampton 12-08-40 31-03-46
    HMS Tormentor II

    Training Camp. Amalgamated with HMS Osborne to form HMS Vectis, Isle of Wight Cowes, Isle of Wight 00-05-42 08-06-42
    HMS Tower

    London Auxiliary Patrol Base Unknown 10-01-41 31-07-45
    Towyn Camp
    RM Commando Training Group HQ. Formerly RAF Towyn Towyn Unknown Unknown
    HMS Treawney

    Formally Port ZA & Motor Launch Base (Western Approaches Command) Lochalsh 11-06-40 16-07-45
    HMS Triphibian

    Training Establishment, former War Office Camp Squires Gate Camp, Lytham St Annes 01-11-43 22-02-44
    HMS Triphibian II

    Training Establishment Uniacke Barracks, Harrowgate 18-11-43 29-02-44
    HMS Tullichewan

    Holding Base for Combined Operations personnel. Camp used by WRNS 1942-1944 for training Tullichewan Castle Camp, Ballock 10-03-45 10-06-46
    HMS Tunsberg

    Norwegian Naval Depot Liverpool Docks 18-12-41 Unknown
    HMS Turnstone

    Training Establishment. Preliminary Training of Air Fitters at Watford Watford & Fulham 01-01-44 18-08-45
    HMS Turtle

    Combined Operations Training Establishment, Landing Craft Base & Assault Gunnery School. Absorbed HMS Tadpole during 1945 Shaftsbury Homes, Pool & Lake Camp Hamworthy (former BOAC HQ and Terminus) 07-10-42 01-03-46
    HMS Valkyrie

    Radar Training Establishment Regent Camp, Douglas, Isle of Man 21-07-41 31-12-46
    Valkyrie II & IV

    Training Establishment Central Camp, Douglas, Isle of Man 00-10-43 26-03-45
    HMS Vectis

    Combined Operations Base - formed by amalgamating HMS Tormentor and HMS Osborne Isle of Wight Base HQ Landing Craft Base. Formally known as HMS Osborne and HMS Tormentor Seaview, Isle of Wight 08-02-42 20-05-45
    HMS Vector

    Radar Training Establishment. Merged into HMS Wildfire Sheerness c.1946 c.1948
    HMS Vernon

    Coastal Forces Base Portsmouth
    HMS Vernon

    Torpedo & Underwater Weapons Training. Associated with the development of mine disposal and underwater countermeasures. Portsmouth, Gunwharf, The site is now known as Gunwharf Quays and is the location of the Spinnaker Tower. Also at Roedean Girls School, Brighton (03-05-41 to 11-06-45) (known as HMS Vernon (R) (also a former Army Camp) 01-10-23 01-04-96
    HMS Victory

    RN Barracks, renamed HMS Nelson 1974 1903 01-08-74
    HMS Victory I & Victory II

    Accounting Base 46 Commercial Road, Goodings near Newbury 04-09-40 00-09-44
    HMS Victory II

    Training Depot Crystal Palace 1914 21-03-19
    HMS Victory III

    Accounting Section. Merged with HMS Victory IV 1939 & transferred to Wooley Park, Wantage. Moved to Newbury 00-12-44. Task absorbed by HMS Victory II 1947 Wooley Park, Wantage 01-10-39 31-03-47
    HMS Victory IV

    Accounting Section London & Petersfield Unknown Unknown
    HMS Victory V

    Southampton Base, formally HMS Collingwood II Renamed Shrapnel 1942 South Western Hotel, Government Training Centre, Redbridge & Gas Light & Coke Shop Fulham. 05-04-41 09-06-42
    HMS Victory V

    Ports Combined HQ Unknown 30-06-44 Unknown
    HMS Victory VI

    Depot for RN & RNR Divisions Crystal Palace 1914 21-03-19
    HMS Vivid

    Devon RN Barracks (the first shore barracks in the RN) Mount Wise Plymouth 1889
    HMS Vivid

    RNR HQ Unit Underground Operations Room, Mount Wise, Plymouth moved 1996 into Staff Officers' Mess 1957 Extant
    HMS Vivid II HMS Vivid III

    Accounting Base Plymouth 1914 1918
    HMS Vivid V

    Accounting Base Milford Haven 1919 07-10-21
    HMS Volcano

    Bomb Disposal Training Establishment Holmbrook, Ravenglass, Cumberland 31-01-42 00-10-45
    HMS Vulture

    RNAS St Merryn. Renamed HMS Curlew 01-01-53 St Merryn 10-08-40 Unknown
    HMS Vulture II

    RNAS Treligga, Bombing & Gunnery Range Treligga, Cornwall 1939 1955
    HMS Wagtail

    RNAS Heathfield, former RAF Ayr Heathfield near Ayr 06-09-44 10-03-46
    HMS Wallington

    Auxiliary Patrol Base Immingham Docks 06-11-15 01-01-20
    HMS Warren

    No.4 Combined Training Centre (senior officers) Combined Operations Base (Western Approaches Command) (Rosyth Command) Aircraft Recognition School Hollywood Hotel, Largs. Included RAF Vanduara (Hotel Vanduara) located in Largs this building became HQ Combined Operations and is extant 12-10-42 31-12-46
    HMS Warnford

    Combined Operations Base (not a ship) Repair Base & Combined Operations Pilotage Parties Training Establishment Warnford? Unknown Unknown
    HMS Warrior

    Fleet HQ/Joint Service Unit Northwood Name assumed 30-04-63 (the 7th ship) Formally HQ RAF Coastal Command Eastbury Park Estate, Northwood, Middlesex 30-04-63 Extant
    HMS Wasp

    Coastal Forces Base Lord Warden's Hall, Dover 02-09-40 14-11-44
    HMS Watchful

    Minesweeper Base Great Yarmouth Port 01-09-39 31-07-45
    HMS Waterrail

    RNAS Campbeltown Campbeltown Unknown Unknown
    HMS Watford I

    Government Training Centre RN Aircraft Training Establishment Hempstead Road, Watford 09-06-42 Unknown
    HMS Watford II

    RN Air Fitter's Training Establishment Hempstead Road, Watford 09-06-42 Unknown
    HMS Waxwing

    RN Camp Townhill, Dunfermline, Fife 01-07-42 00-09-46
    HMS Wellesley

    RN Training Establishment Royal Southern Hospital (part destroyed 00-05-41 08-05-40 31-01-46
    HMS Wessex

    Due to open 21-10-39 but overtaken by mobilisation. RNVR Solent closed and re-opened 00-06-46 South Western Hotel, moved to Royal Southern Yacht Club 00-06-46 01-03-94
    HMS Westcliff

    Combined Operations Base. Training element from HMS Effingham when this college transferred to USNR. Main Holding Base for Combined Operations personnel. Southend-on-Sea 17-11-42 21-01-46
    HMS Westcliff II

    Combined Operations Holding Base Southend-on-Sea WWII Unknown
    HMS Westcliff III

    Combined Operations Landing Craft Base Burnham-on-Crouch WWII Unknown
    HMS Western Isles

    Work Up Base Tobermory 17-07-40 03-11-45
    HMS Wildfire

    Sherness Base. Amalgamated with HMS Vector 04-11-47 to become Radar Plotter Training School Sheerness Base 01-04-1889 16-02-37 00-03-33 01-0450
    HMS Wildfire

    Communications Training Centre & Reserve HQ Unit Khyber Road, Chatham 10-09-64 02-09-94
    Wildfire II

    Accounting Base for Auxiliary Minesweepers Sheerness Base 01-10-39 29-02-40
    Wildfire III

    Combined Operations Base. Tender to HMS Wildfire Motor Torpedo Boat, Motor Gun Boat & Motor Launches Sheerness Base 07-12-42 15-10-46
    HMS Wildfire

    RNR Training Establishment Brackenhill House, Northwood Unknown Extant
    HMS Woolverstone

    Combined Operations Landing Craft Base & Training Establishment Ipswich/Harwich/Southwold various locations including Harwich Yacht Club, grounds of Woolverstone Hall, Harwich & St Felix School, Southwold 01-01-43 20-02-46

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    Default Re: Stone Frigates

    Please Note that it has proved impossible to edit this list, no matter how hard I try, I cannot get all the names to line up centrally.

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    Default Re: Stone Frigates

    A post that is very close to my heart!

    A couple of updates to the list:

    HMS Callope is misspelled it is HMS Calliope, is still extant and is a Reserve Training Unit
    HMS Sherwood is also still extant and is a Reserve Training Unit
    Ceres division was officially opened in 2005 and is no longer a tender to HMS Sherwood
    You can also add HMS Hibernia (Lisburn) Lodger at Thiepval Barracks. The RNR unit formally HMS Caroline moved there when HMS Caroline decommissioned in 2009

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    Default Re: Stone Frigates

    Thanks Bigbear, unfortunately it is extremely difficult to edit tables here, every time you attempt an edit, so the table boxes slip in the entire post. It makes Word look positively brilliant!

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    Quote Originally Posted by norwichpaul View Post
    Thanks Bigbear, unfortunately it is extremely difficult to edit tables here, every time you attempt an edit, so the table boxes slip in the entire post. It makes Word look positively brilliant!
    mmm....not sure about that last part Paul. It's Word that is messing up the original html that causes your tables to be displayed incorrectly on here. If Word was outputting correctly formatted html your tables would be easy to edit on here (possibly...vbulletin is also a bit unusual in some respects) and would also have the correct four (or is it five?) column layout!
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