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Thread: RAFG HAS TYPE 1 Model Featured In Microsoft Flightsim.

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    Default RAFG HAS TYPE 1 Model Featured In Microsoft Flightsim.


    By popular request of the flightsim community over in Germany, I designed models of the HAS type 1 shelter typically found on all of the RAFG bases, that had aircraft.
    The models were designed a couple of years ago, using 3DS MAX9 and Paintshop Pro and were destined for use in the current versions of Microsoft Flightsim ( FS9 and FSX ).
    The screenshots below show the HAS models placed into Manfred Schyma's RAF Bruggen scenery package for FS9 , which is still available for download.
    I have made recent contact with Richard ( REF ) on the forums here , who has posted some fantastic photo's in another thread, of a HAS type 1 shelter at former RAF Laarbruch.
    There might be the possibilty of using some of these hi-res photo's for texturing purposes of an updated model of the HAS for the flightsim, in the future.



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    Default Re: RAFG HAS TYPE 1 Model Featured In Microsoft Flightsim.

    Hi Pete

    Thanks for posting those, I am a big fan of the Phantom, brilliant aircraft. The screenshots are great, thanks for posting. I look forward to seeing more.

    I'll get some of the HAS photos sorted and posted as soon as I get time infront of the computer.



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