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Thread: Top 3 Airfields.

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    Default Re: Top 3 Airfields.

    Biggin Hill - At home days in 60s and 70s + Air Fairs 70s to 90s
    Hawkinge - Ooozed atmosphere in the early 70s
    Manston - Before the Jumbos moved in. Also had a Spitfire, Canberra and Javelin along with Vulcans and Shackletons in easy view.

    Those are the only ones visited more than most, thereafter Kenley and Duxford (Pre IWM) both in the early 70s.

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    Default Re: Top 3 Airfields.

    Booker (Wycombe Air Park) - Many flights from here with my mate in his Piper Tomahawk.

    Shoreham - First place I ever flew from a trial lesson in a Warrior II.

    White Waltham - Not counting Heathrow this was my local airfield when I was at school & regularly cycled out to watch the aircraft.

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    Default Re: Top 3 Airfields.

    Honington - Many happy memories of the Buccaneers and Hunters there.

    Mildenhall - Always enjoyed the airshows, and a good variety of aircraft visited over the years

    Lakenheath - For all the hours spent in the layby at the end of the runway watching the F-111F's, awesome aircraft and noise too.

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    Default Re: Top 3 Airfields.

    1. Wigsley its one of the first old bomber stations i went to photograph in 1972

    2. Elsham walds because i used to visit the Gregorry family in the control tower & there was always a warm welcome & spent hours just looking around the airfield

    3. Thorpe Abbotts because i encountrd a ghost in the tower.
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    Default Re: Top 3 Airfields.

    RAF Spitalgate...first solo in Mk3 XE799 - june 1969

    Ex RATG Moffat Field,Gweru Zimbabwe...finally cracked thermalling after 11 years out of gliding (1984)

    Dunsfold Aerodrome...16 happy years with Hawker Squiddeley at one of the prettiest airfields in the country

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    Default Re: Top 3 Airfields.

    1/ Kenley- First BoB airfield I went to. Lovely place and you can still see the RAF (ATC cabets) flying/gliding from there.
    2/ Eye- Was the first 8th airfield I went to back in 1992. Great atmospheric place even with all that industry doing on. So much of the 8th still to be seen.
    3/ Flixton/Bungay- Quite and a very poignant airfield.

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    I'm going to be very boring and predictable:

    Hunsdon-because I have walked and explored it for over forty four years.
    Nuthampstead- The first airfield I ever heard tales about, from my mother who lived close by
    Sawbridgeworth-because the stories of an Army co-operation airfield gave me an insight into the armed recce flights that the station was built for.

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    Default Re: Top 3 Airfields.



    and last but not least Scampton

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    Default Re: Top 3 Airfields.

    Deopham Green - I know there is not much to see there but there is so much atmosphere about the airfield and its a lovely place to sit on a summers day

    West Malling - First experience in a glider here and it was such a lovely place to fly from. To quote Sqn Ldr Guy Gibson, "Of all the airfields in Great Britain, here, many say, including myself, we have the most pleasant"

    Shoreham - A lovely english setting with the south downs in the background, great airshows, and some happy memories flying from here

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    Default Re: Top 3 Airfields.

    Here's my top three USAAF airfields. Thorpe Abbotts, Framlingham [Parham] Horham. My top three RAF airfields. Metheringham, Bardney Fiskerton. All in no particular order.

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