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Thread: FLORIDA - Space Coast Regional Airport, Titusville

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    Default FLORIDA - Space Coast Regional Airport, Titusville

    I'm on a family holiday in Florida and we visited the Warbirds Museum at the Space Coast Regional Airport in Titusville, near the Kennedy Space Centre yesterday. I'm sick as a parrot that the hundreds of photos that I thought I had taken with the digital video camera were actually just "previews" which were not saved to the card at all

    I did manage to get some photos from my "real" camera, including some during a short flight on the WWII veteran C-47 "Tico Belle" with my 10 year old son. I have a few more of the interior of the aircraft (which was modified for use by the Danish Royal Family) and some shaky video by my daughter if anyone is interested. Now, where did I put that video camera manual???




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    Default Re: Other Florida Airfields

    Nice pics Tam, seems you have to go anywhere but the UK to fly a DC-3 / C-47 now, I bet it was a memorable experience

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    Default Re: Other Florida Airfields

    I think Buffalo Airways are still operating a daily scheduled DC3 service out of Yellowknife (nthing to do with Florida I know!)

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