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Thread: Newton Poppleford

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    it would appear that its another bit of it...

    very interesting. i would have spotted the base under the watertower if my girlfriend wouldn't drive past stuff so blasted quickly!

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    Hi guys. I was interested in finding out more about the decoy site, but got rather a surprise seeing my DP RAF Branscombe CH thread linked on here. lol. Anyway, just to confirm info about the Kingsdown site, the first section from the left (on the GE pic) belonged to the Officers Billets, the next section (in what is now the campsite) was the main site, across the road is the Operation Room, which is now part of the farm. The farm worker who allowed me to take a pic told me that inside is a room inside a room, both made from reinforced concrete, but I wasn't able to see inside. The 'watertower' further along the road isn't a watertower, but the base of the transmitter/receiver control room, the mast on top, which is now used for a modern day mast array. There are two more small buildings remaining in a field further along a lane leading to Branscombe. One of them was the genny room, and the other (I believe) was the secondary emergency Ops.

    I've seen some info about the decoy site and I'll post it up if I can find it. There are a few interesting remains there, but I'm still not sure where it is exactly. It's been on my 'list' now for a couple of years. lol.

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