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    My dad was a Hudson pilot with 200 Squadron in Gambia 1941 on U Boat patrol - they were based on the runway at Jeswang, with a rest camp nearby on the beach. He would often hire a dug-out canoe and native rower from the local chief and fish for barracuda, which supplemented their meagre rations rather nicely!

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    Lloyd Trigg VC served on 200 Sqn, he was awarded a posthumos VC. His VC is unique as it was awarded on the recommedation of the commander of the U boat he sunk.

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    Hi my dad also served at Jeswang 1941 I have some photos & docs regarding his stay.

    My dads name was Albert Victor Pounder known as Vic, Sgt WOP.

    Will get most of it together & post later.



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