I thought I posted this about an hour ago!!!

Blackpits is recorded as opening 31/10/1939 for Little Rissington and Brize Norton for their FTS's.

I now think the likely location is near Aldsworth where the name Blackpits appears a few times. It is close to LR and BN as well.
I think the reason it did not last is the opening of Windrush in 1940. Initially the RLG might not have been a problem but as it grew having a bombing range in your circuit might have caused problems.

Has anyone come across Blackpits in researching LR, BN or their FTS's? Out of interest it was termed a "pilot release bombing range" and was contemporary with Dee Marshes and Fenns Moss.

OEB - I think we discussed this at some point but can't find the corespondence!