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Thread: Rearsby

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    So did the event take place and has anyone got some tasty pics? Sadly family commitments kept me away.

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    Due to bad weather, the event was postponed by 24 hrs to Sunday 25th August. Unfortunately, the visibility that day remained poor for much of the day and only 17 of the expected 50 or so Austers made it to Rearsby, many of those not getting there until mid-afternoon.

    There is a good selection of photos, including air-ground shots of the landing field and the factory (now an industrial park) here:

    I think non-members of the Auster Club can see the Gallery.

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    I was absolutely gutted to have to miss the Auster fly-in. I'd been waiting years for this to happen as well!!! Oh well!! Here's a piece from the local 'rag' about it -

    ...& a few pics sent to me from Nigel Bailey-Underwood -

    ...& a real gem of a visitor -


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