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Thread: Inskip (Elswick) / HMS Nightjar

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    I have noted here a total of 32 hangars originally built, 16 Sqn hangars and 16 storage hangars. What ype of hangars were they? Can anyone confirm the number is correct?


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    'Military Airfields' by Willis and Hollis also quote 16 plus 16 . In TMAofB Delve mentions that a number of Type S 'sheds' were in use and a photograph on page 149 of the same book shows the Station Flight in front a hangar noted as E4 , I think it may be a A Main type ?

    In his book Lancashire Airfields in the Countryside series Aldon Ferguson states that there were 32 Mainhill hangars , 60x70' for squadron and storage use - same measurement also noted by Willis and Hollis , plus two Callender Hamilton hangars used for aircraft maintenance .
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    Thanks David, the Willis & Hollis was one of my sources, I think its fairly safe to say 32 were built there. Thanks for the confirmation.

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    The two Admiralty handbooks quote 16 storage + 16 squadron Mains, 60 x 70 x 17.

    The two Callenders are:
    ARS hangar - 185 x 110 x 25
    Rescue Servicing hangar 185 x 100 x 25 ft.

    The ranges are:
    One Air to Air
    Two Practice Bombing, on submarine silhouette in brick, one sub silhouette on 32 ft moored target
    One Bombing - 16 ft moored target
    One Torpedo
    One RP Range

    Hadn't realised that this airfield was originally called Elswick. That was also the name of an RN Shipyard and Engineering site on Tyneside.
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