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    Default Slade Farm

    No.1 SLG, Slade Farm
    Photos from a visit I made on Friday 11 May 2012.

    1 - Airfield view

    2 - Robins Hangar

    3 - Annexe on the side of the Robins Hangar

    4 - Unknown building

    5 - Unknown building

    6 - Unknown building

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    Default Re: Slade Farm

    Richard, are those buildings actually adjacent to Slade Farm or elsewhere?

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    Default Re: Slade Farm

    Quote Originally Posted by PETERTHEEATER View Post
    Richard, are those buildings actually adjacent to Slade Farm or elsewhere?
    Hi Richard those photos are RAF Slade farm, the car trailer is mine and the front end of a vehicle is a 1940 Morris Quad (well remains of) I have attached a couple of photos of a very rare 1940 British 180 gallon Water bowser/trailer which I found there and am now restoring (see the hanger in the back ground)

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    Default Re: Slade Farm

    I assume the telephone bells on the hanagar extension are post war. There is a car repair garage at the top of our road that still uses them. It's amazing how a sopund can take your mind back decades.

    Would the brick extension be original?

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