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Thread: HOSPITAL - Stowell Park

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    Default HOSPITAL - Stowell Park

    Stowell Park was first occupied by the 58th General Hospital fresh from the US in late October 1943. It was newly built at the time. They stayed there until replaced by the 160th GH on 8.5.44. The 160th served as the specialist neuro-surgery unit for the 15th Hospital Group and stayed at Stowell Park until 17.7.45
    Harken - mentioned here: did much of his pioneering work on open-heart surgery in one of the nissen huts at the 160th in Stowell Park.
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    Default Re: Stowell Park, Gloucestershire - US Hospital

    I was walking in this area a few years ago and came across a load of hut bases, in the area adjacent to the A429 marked on the map as "camp wood". I assume that this was associated with the hospital?

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    Know the site well as I used to live half a mile from it as a kid. Recently helped the Northleach Historical Society write up an article on it.

    It was used as temporary housing and a school after the war for Polish displaced persons hence the reason why it's known locally as "Camp wood". If you look at the wall alongside the A429 there is a point where the top row of stones dips into the centre on each side - this was the main entrance but the gate has been bricked in and you'd miss it unless you look carefully.

    There is a public footpath that runs through the site but its highly recommended you DONT stray from it. The camp woods are regulary used for shooting and heavily patrolled by the gamekeeper from the estate at Stowell Park. They do not take kindly to people just wandering about and you don't want to get caught in the crossfire of a deer or pheasant shoot!

    That said, having some local contacts, I was able to arrange a proper site visit last year (we were giving a 12 hour window between shoots to explore at will) and we walked about half of the site and took about a thousand photos. I'm still trying to get around to sorting them all! Mostly it's just hut bases but we found some very interesting stuff amongst the bushes and weeds.

    Best surprise? Finding a US servicemans dog-tag in the dirt near one of the wards.

    There is a book written in Polish by one of the ex-pupils of the school which contains a lot of photos of the old camp and the buildings. I leant my copy to someone but need to get it back!
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    Default Re: Stowell Park, Gloucestershire - US Hospital

    I walked the footpath again yesterday. I hadn't fully appreciated the scale of the site.
    Google Earth now has the 1945 aerial photo's which shows that the footpath only crosses the south west edge.
    This time of year is perfect as we are now post shooting season and way before new birds arrive.
    We heeded the advice to stay on the path, but there is still plenty to see, in the way of hut bases, concrete paths, etc.

    There are some good photos of the post war site, when it was a school at

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