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    For info

    The deadline for articles for AR135 is 15 June 2012, Sorry its short notice! If you are planning something for inclusion for the next issue can you please let me know asap.

    Please also considder sending in some photos for the cover (front and rear) and page three, this is essential and probably the easiest thing anyone can submit tfor the magazine so please bear it in mind. Page filler articles are needed too, really anything you can put together. It really doesn't matter how big or small the article is, or how important the news item. Don't worry about editing either, we have a team that can help with that!

    I do stress that it is the shorter articles, photos and news items I am always desperately short of so if you can put something together, please let me know.

    If you feel you can contribute in anyway then let me know!


    Richard - Editor

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    This issue will be sent to the prinrters in the next day or so, I am just putting the finishing touches to it at the moment.

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    Update - the magazine is going through the final proofing with the printers and I am hoping to give to ok to print by the end of this week. Expect it on your doormat in the next 10 to 14 days.

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    I found AR135 luking on my doormat this evening. I know that there have been many problems getting this issue out, so congratulations to those involved in what has been achieved.

    The front cover photo by REF of the new memorial at Spilsby is stunning, and most appropriate as we near Remembrance Day.

    Well done chaps.

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    Default Re: AR135 - Summer 2012

    It is indeed the most incredible photo... I had to look several times to convince myself that it wasn't computer generated!

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    What a surprise to see the new Spilsby Memorial on the front cover of the current AR magazine. I can only agree with the aforementioned comments about the photograph - great shot. Nice overview of the Dedication by WJT - thanks Bill with some good additional photos by Ben Adlington of the day. I think the quality of the magazine is going from strength to strength. Keep up the good work to all concerned.


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    Totally agree. Amazing cover picture, I think the colour contrasts between the poppies, the memorial and the back ground greenery make the picture leap off the page.

    The rest of the issue looks to be really quality as well, can't wait to get stuck in to it!

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    An excellent bumper issue worth waiting for.

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    Thanks for the comments chaps, I have just got home after being away for just over two weeks and am now catching up with things!

    I must say thenks to Paul, Graham, Noel and Chris for helping out with getting this last issue finalised and okayed with the printers while I was away.


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    Got mine the other day, been waiting for some spare time to have a good read, all i can say is excellent work guys.

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