My name is Mark Hund and I just registered with this site because I have a research question I can't find the answer to and was hoping someone on this site could help me. I'm working on the history of my great uncles military career and have his flight records. On December 18, 1943 he showed a flight from Atkinson Field (British Guiana) to "Zandera" as it's written on his flight log. The trip was 3:15. On December 19th, 1943 he shows a flight from "Zandera" to Fortaleza (Brazil) of 8:10. I can't find information on "Zandera". He flew the whole South Atlantic Route all the way and up through Gibralter (Jan 1-3 1944) and then on the RAF St. Eval England as part of the 1st Antisubmarine Squadron (B-24D's) and then worked the Bay of Biscay for a few months under the control of RAF Coastal Command. I just need to know if anyone knows where "Zandera" is and how I might get some info on that airfield. I thank you for any help you can give me. I was able to locate the history on all the other airfields he went through. My e-mail address is


Mark A. Hund