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Thread: Long Newnton, Glos. - "Friendly" to airfield visits?

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    Default Long Newnton, Glos. - "Friendly" to airfield visits?


    Looks like I'm going to be down Tetbury way in a couple of weeks and I've promised my girlfriend that I'd show her a few more airfields (she loves bunkers and taking photos of derelict buildings) and thought Long Newnton might be worth a go as I've heard that the control tower is in reasonably good nick, there are a few preserved bits of period graffiti and there is quite a lot to see.

    Anyway, we could probably see a lot just walking the public foot paths but I wouldn't mind a closer look around the tower so I think a visit to the farm is in order. Has anyone been there and any experience of getting permission for a closer look? 20 odd years ago I was told they were very against anyone looking around but I wondered if times have changed. I'm told they sell farm produce so I didn't know if buying some eggs and whatnot as a token gesture in exchange for a closer look might be do-able.

    Just wondered if anyone has been and can recommend who to talk to or how to approach getting permissions.

    P.S. Anyone got a scanned site plan just so I can explain to the missus what all the buildings were?

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    Default Re: Long Newnton, Glos. - "Friendly" to airfield visits?

    OEB - When I went a couiple of years ago with Richard Drew they the owners seemed fine with us visiting, we just turned up and knocked on the door! Its a nice airfield to visit with plenty to see that is hidden away too.

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    Default Re: Long Newnton, Glos. - "Friendly" to airfield visits?

    All Richard and I did was call in at the farm at the southern end of the airfield, they just ask not to enter the control tower.


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