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Thread: Roadshow Appeal.

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    Default Roadshow Appeal.

    We as a group are missing out on the airshows and displays from down south.

    So what we are appealing for is a team to be set up down south and for someone to run the team with my guidance and reporting to me on new member numbers gained.

    We will set up the team with the stock and everything needed to successfully recruit new members.

    The person will have to have a good sense of humour as well as good organisational skills to arrange the display venues for the season for the south end of the country.

    They will need to have transport to and from the venues as well as being able to store the stock at their address.
    Other team members will need to be recruited so that we have a full team in the south.

    The reason for this is that we all pay our own fuel and it gets expensive travelling that far, but we must all bare in mind that the roadshow has been a great success since we started attending venues. We are missing out on a lot in the south of the country.

    If anyone is interested in taking up the challenge then please PM and we shall have a chat.


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