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    Can anyone supply anymore information regarding RAF Wanborough? Location if possible, I have a rough area but could do with knowing where the boundaries were.

    The only note I can find is from this website:

    RAF. 50 Grp. BAS
    What is 'BAS'?

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    ABCT put this in the fields just to the north of Swindon Town's training ground which is on the downs above the village of Wanborough, which is SE of Swindon. If this is a correct location then it was probably a grass field as I can't recall seeing anything "concrete" in that area.

    50 Group was a flight training which would align with ABCT, who note No.1547 BAT Flight......I wonder if BAS is a mistake?

    As a side note, the complex to the south of the target location is now a PGL adventure centre which was originally a conference centre built in the early 1990s. There is a country house within the extensive grounds but I have never found reference to its use during the last war although with large airfields dotted around the area it would be a prime location. Looking over the area from the SW would also have been the Liddington Hill Starfish decoy because of Swindons manufacturing capacity.

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    Should have added, from the official RAF Lyneham history the following quote......

    "The Station was now in Number 23 Group, Flying Training Command. On 23 October 1941 King George VI spent 50 minutes visiting the SFTS, which now used Relief Landing Grounds at Wanborough and Long Newnton. The school had a high accident rate, with at least 12 aircraft, 6 instructors and 8 pupils being lost."

    Long Newnton is over towards Malmesbury, to the west of Swindon.

    One other comment, Redlands Airfield/Redlands Farm, to the north of Wanborough is a modern addition offering a grass strip for microlights and parachuting.
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    Chris Ashworth in Action Stations IX gives NGR as SU220820 5 miles SE of Swindon alongside Ermin Way and includes brief history and plan.

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    Thats the same GR that ABCT identify which is just to the west of the old Roman road.

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    Thanks chaps, just what I was after.

    I'll check out AS9 too.

    Thanks again

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    Wanborough is centered on SU 21966 82199. A 1940s aerial photo is on the Getmapping website, their co-ords in Easting/Northing are 421886, 182105.

    It clearly shows three blisters and some smaller huts. Only zoom level 2 onwards work so you can't get in close.

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    Know of it well though I've never visited it as there isn't much to see and a riding school has obliterated the buildings. It was used by No.3 GTS at Stoke Orchard for a while when Northleach got waterlogged and as stated there were a lot of accidents.
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    Nice photo OEB, it shows the airfield up really well.

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