Not actually a RAF site but a "Most Important link in the ADGB".

I came across these documents in Am Baile, they refer to a GPO radio station, I could not find any radio stations around there but it obviously referred to this old repeater station. The wording suggests that it was built on the cable connecting Inverness and Aberdeen(?), carrying traffic between the bunkers at Raigmore and either radar stations or the rest of the system.

I have been told there is a similar one near Elgin but never seen it. This suggests that there could be other ones at similar spacings.

Protection of Post Office Installations 1
Protection of Post Office Installations 2
Protection of Post Office Installations 3

It is significant that the site is described as "Most Important link in ADGB" and in the highest category with only one other site, Inverness Repaters, in the same category. Not even sites probably associated with circuits heading for the RN bases are in that category.

I would be interested to hear if anyone has seen any other similar buildings between there and Aberdeen.