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Thread: Chelmsford plaque

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    Default Chelmsford plaque

    Inside the County Hall, Chelmsford, opposite the library - Library plaque 1.jpgLibrary plaque 2.jpg

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    Default Re: Chelmsford plaque

    Hi Jim, thanks for posting those up. Is the plaque easy to visit? Or do you need to arrange access? I am passing y Chelmsford again in a couple of weeks and I will hopefully call in if I have the time.

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    Default Re: Chelmsford plaque

    Is it just me or does the wording on the plaque seem a little strange?
    Nice to see it though.

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    Default Re: Chelmsford plaque

    It is a bit strange, it seems to suggest that all the airfields mentioned were in the Battle of Britain. It also says the airfields are mentioned above when they are mentioned below.

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    Default Re: Chelmsford plaque

    I imagine "above which" is meant to mean over the airfields themselves.
    Under-researched tributes like this distort history - especially when they're put up in places like Essex's County Hall that lend them credibility. I'm surprised that the county council could get this so wrong given that, IIRC, elsewhere in the building there are specific mentions of the USAAF's presence in Essex (starting long after the Battle of Britain).
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