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Thread: RAF Kendram / Kendrom

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    Default RAF Kendram / Kendrom

    Some interesting memories of RAF Kendram / Kendrom (I can never remember which is the RAF name and which is the proper name of the area so used both!)

    Project Title: The Crofters And The Second World War

    Scroll down for
    • "Chan fhaodadh duine a dhol a-staigh" / Radio Location at Kilmaluag
    • Bha ṃran anns a' chàmpa a bha sin / The camp at Kilmaluag
    • Kendram Radio Location site, Kilmaluag
    • Bha a h-uile càil aca / The RAF base at Kilmaluag

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    Default Re: RAF Kendram / Kendrom

    An interesting link, thanks.

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