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Thread: Rams Island, Lough Neagh

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    Default Rams Island, Lough Neagh

    Rams Island appears to have had an interesting time during WW2.
    I believe the northern end of the Island was a range however I hope that practice was not taking place when it was occupied by Belgian soldiers, U.S. Airmen on R&R from nearby Langford Lodge and a Royal Signals soldier from Manchester!!

    I visited yesterday and found it very interesting as you can see from these pictures.

    Re the spent cases. These were dredged up from the lough. The larger I think are .50 cal with markings RA 42 (Remmington Arms Corporation) and SL 43 (St Louis Ordnance) but I dont know about the smaller ones - Possibly 303???

    The other pictures show names carved in trees and you can see the American ones as well as Belgium and what appears to be "Tom William(son) Manchester R.Signals"

    Any information regarding Rams Island would be much appreciated.

    Hope you like the piccies!!
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    Default Re: Rams Island, Lough Neagh

    The case length of the British Service .303 cartridge was (in today's units) 55mm long base to end and, of course, rimmed so they look to be as you say. The centre one has a 'separated' case where the case has split around the neck on firing. A common fault on WW2 ammunition manufactured by the millions. Separated cases often resulted in the neck being left in the chamber following extraction resulting in a feed 'jam'.

    Yes, a local history website shows the carved tree graffiti left by US serviceman during their R & R trips to the island.

    Although a 'range' is indicated as having been located near the island it may have been simply an unobserved area for practice drops under pilot control.

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