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    Default Re: RAF Saltby hangar questions

    Two Saltby photos taken by BOMBER which i'm posting up on his behalf -

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    Quote Originally Posted by stevie View Post
    Two Saltby photos taken by BOMBER which i'm posting up on his behalf -

    My uncle was telling me about his time working at Saltby as a young lad, he was employed by an Irish company (Bell or Bells) contracted to construct Hangers, his involvement seemed to be mostly painting, if he remembered correctly two hangers were already built. he was asked if he would like to do some overtime spraying the corrugated sheets for the roof at 6 pence a sheet, as the sheet fitters were arriving in a couple of days. he went on to say that one of the sheet fitters was killed when he fell through the roof, he couldn't remember his first name but his surname was Whitaker, not sure about the spelling though. after the roof was finished he got the job of spraying the camouflage on it. while he was there he said that a polish squadron arrived and one of the planes landed in the wrong place his wing clipped some of the construction equipment and the plane blew up killing all on board. he said it was a Wellington. he later was given the chance to get inside and have a look around one. when the contract was nearing the end he said gliders were stating to arrive.

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    Stanton Shelter heaven at Saltby!







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