Best Apps for Travelling

Travel has always been interesting, especially for those who frequently leave their home city or country to move towards a new and interesting location. While travel has its lovely times, getting lost, not having where to stay upon arrival or going from one bad restaurant to the next can lead to many frustrations.

A ruined trip can easily be caused by a mistake in logistics, prior preparation and organization. Not all people are prone to being so methodical, yet in this day and age, it is very easy to get information on anything, due to the existence of the internet.

While travelling, you want to be armed with the right applications, provided you have a mobile device with you.

Here are some applications that you can surely use on your travel.

·        Maps

Going anywhere without maps is a mistake and can cost you a lot of money and time. Getting lost and asking strangers for directions can also be problematic for shy people. That is why having maps with you is awesome and very helpful. On the Android platform, Google Maps is usually always present and is a healthy way of getting around if you have access to the internet or have previously downloaded offline maps. That is why having offline maps is great, so is a great choice. It is a free, open source app which you can use to download maps and always be prepared, regardless of internet access. It is available for iPhone users, as well.

·        Reviews

Walking into a restaurant without knowing its review or service or anything about it can lead to a bad meal or bad night out. The same goes for hotels and hostels, especially if you do not plan ahead. Applications like Yelp or FourSquare help you with that, as you get access to reviews of many different places. If you can’t find the place on the app, think twice.

·        Transportation

Moving around in a cab can lead to your wallet being emptier sooner rather than later. Scam taxi drivers are a real thing, wherever you go. Getting a transport app is much more worth your time and can help you get from point A to point B for less money or no money at all. BlaBlaCar is a possibility in Europe as it covers most of the countries, but if you’re going to the States, consider Uber. Both are available on many platforms.

·        Translation

It goes without saying that you’ll likely need to communicate with people abroad. Getting simple sentences across is essential and for that, Google Translate is likely your best bet. It supports 103 languages with an option to download offline packs.

There are many more apps which you could add to make your journey that much safer or easier. Booking hotels and hostels is a necessity and so is finding a flight. HostelBooker or HostelWorld can help you with that while finding a flight gets much easier with Skyscanner or Hopper on your phone.

With these apps, you should be good to go for any trip.