Best Casinos in Europe

Online gambling has become the predominant way of gambling, whether it is playing casino games or betting on sports. While there are certainly many advantages to this type of operators, such as the no deposit bonus and the ability to play as long as you like from the comfort of your home, it is certain that the real and traditional casinos still hold a certain charm and an even bigger allure. Going physically into a casino is completely different than playing online, so before embarking on a journey to visit the best casino in Europe, check out this list and determine the best casino in Europe for you.

Casino di Campione

Located in Como, Italy

Known by all as the European largest casino, this casino features 500 slots and 56 table games, which is something that can satisfy anyone’s desires. It is very highly esteemed in the world of gambling, so don’t be surprised if you see it crowded at all times. Many celebrities come here as well, so be sure to dress nicely if you ever want to set foot in it. Find out more about Casino di Campione here.

Casino de Monte Carlo

Located in Monaco, France

One of the oldest casinos in the world has a beautiful exterior and interior like, but that is not all that attracts many visitors to it every year. Certainly one of the most famous casinos in the world, many tourists flock here just to take pictures in front of it. For passionate players, this casino has more than three hundred slots and table games to offer, with eighteen restaurants and bars where they can enjoy their time with leisure. Check out the online presentation of Casino de Monte Carlo, you can even take a virtual tour.

The Casino at the Empire

Located in London, UK

Part of the Caesars Entertainment, this casino is placed in the historical building with an amazing view of London. A variety of casino games and poker opportunities are something that certainly sets this casino apart from any other one in this city. Excellent food and drinks can be tasted in this casino’s bars and restaurants. The Casino at the Empire is certainly one of the most attractive London sights for those with the love for gambling. You can find all the news on their website or on Twitter.

Casino Estoril

Located in Lisbon, Portugal

This magnificent casino offers not only casino games, but also a huge entertainment program and many events every month. Even though it is located in Portugal, it is up to par with the casinos from the more gambling-related countries. With 1,235 slots and table games, and 12-hour working days, it is one of the most popular casinos in Europe. No experienced casino player will ever miss the chance to come here, for a feeling of diversity and uniqueness. Not to forget, the food in the restaurants is amazing as well. Don’t forget to check the Casino Estoril website if you plan on visiting it anytime soon.

Dragonara Casino

Located in St. Julian’s, Malta

Malta is certainly well-known as the place for online gambling operators, but that does not stop it from having one of the best “offline” casinos as well. With all its grandeur and splendor, this casino is a real attraction for tourists. Those who want to play have an option of choosing between 300 slot machines and 15 live tables, and also other features such as a VIP lounge and a premier poker room. You can see what goes on here. It works 24/7, so if you have the chance to see it, don’t miss it!