Interesting laws other countries might find weird

Have you ever travelled, and inadvertently, made a faux pas in your host’s home? You might think this happens simply because the foreign lands are weird. The truth is that peoples’ cultures and traditions may be very different.

That being said, there are some laws and rules in many countries that are still in effect, though the reason for their creation has long been obsolete, irrational, adjusted to the way people think, and/or deeply rooted in the country’s legacy, and as such can’t be removed without damaging its people. Here are some such laws.

Marriage Laws

Laws in this category refer to the relationship between spouses, as well as socially acceptable and unacceptable situations for them. Some of you may think that what you do should only concern you and your spouse. These laws somewhat disagree.

For example, regardless of the circumstances, in the state of Virginia a man can’t kick a woman out of bed.  I’ll be the first to say – yay! But wait! Can she kick him out? What are the rules when it comes to snoring?

If you are of the female persuasion, and have had bad luck with teeth in the past, you still need your husband’s permission before you put on false teeth in Vermont.

In Iowa, a mustached man isn’t allowed to kiss a woman in public. We believe this was put in place to maintain an air of dignity. Speaking of dignity…

Ladies, you can’t marry the same man more than three times in Kentucky. You have to make up your mind, this is forever. Okay, maybe this time it’s forever. Third time’s the charm.

For comparison, let us take a look at the Philippines and the Vatican. What do these two countries have in common that could possibly be related to the previous paragraph, you may ask. Well, divorce is illegal. Period. No ifs, ands or buts.

In Hong Kong, believe it or not, if a woman catches her husband cheating on her, she is legally allowed to kill him. However, some martial arts training, weight lifting and preparations are in order, as she is allowed to do so only using her bare hands.

I want to know the story behind this

We are back in the Philippines to inform you that it is illegal to be annoying. Vexing, to be precise. Now, what this entails and how to avoid being and acting vexing is extremely vague. We venture that the verdicts in court are just as arbitrary as the law itself.

In Britain, you can have fish. In fact, one of the most famous food combos in Britain is fish and chips. You can’t, however, handle a salmon in suspicious circumstances. Monty Python‘s “Fish Slapping Dance” comes to mind. What are “suspicious circumstances”, anyway? Did someone rob a bank or kill someone else using a salmon? Is tuna okay in such situations? I have so many questions.

Back in Kentucky, women can’t be on a highway wearing a bathing suit unless escorted by two police officers armed with a club. That, in its own right, is weird enough, but the next provision takes the cake. Apparently, you are good to go if you weigh less than 90 or more than 200 pounds. Or if you are a female horse, that works too. What!?

In Massachusetts, it is illegal to own an explosive golf ball. I guess one guy ruined it for everyone.

You are not allowed to whistle underwater in West Virginia. This could be a method to prevent drowning, but one can’t help but wonder: who made a noise complaint down there?