What is it like to Have a Casino Job on a Cruise Ship?

Gambling has always been present in human history and if not always, then from a very long time ago. Nowadays it has advanced even more, with different kinds of powerful promo codes that can be used for playing online. Its impact has been various, helping some get rich and making their lives easier while others end up getting addicted and losing more than just their money, like their families and in the fringe cases, their lives, too.

It goes without saying that large cruise ships are very often equipped with a casino and whilst that seems fine and dandy to a customer who spends most of their time on the deck, drinking and sunbathing, casino dealers and pit bosses have a lot of hours during their day.

Here is what a day on a cruise ship whilst working in a casino might look like:

Types of jobs

While a casino job might sound vague, there are various jobs which vary from dealer to pit boss or casino manager. Each job holds its own responsibility and has its own ups and downs. Dealers work directly with people, for example and are always at a table, interacting with everyone. Their shifts are long and oftentimes very difficult.

A pit boss used to be a casino manager once but that changed over time. Nowadays, pit bosses oversee a couple of tables, also called pits. Pit bosses solve disputes between the player and the dealer/house. They often manage the casino floor, schedule shifts for dealers and have lots of paperwork to do before and after. It’s not a cushy job, either.

A casino manager on the other hand, is not as cushy as people might think. You are in charge of overseeing the casino’s entire gambling operation. You get to schedule and pick the staff, you get the final vote in any dispute between the staff and the customers. You also get to compensate the customers who spend a lot or play a lot, especially if they win a lot. The goal of the manager is to keep people in the casino, among other things.

Job difficulty

As a cruise ship casino is open for more than 12 hours during a day, the shifts are usually very long, up to 12 hours and are challenging. If you’re a dealer, you will have to stand most of the time, interacting with customers while making sure that you never mess up while dealing cards. The shifts are long, up to 12 hours and you do have to report to work earlier than the casino opens, of course.

A pit boss’s job isn’t less responsible or difficult as you would have to be vigilant and present at all times, making sure that everything’s going well, without any hiccups. You are also in charge of shuffling the dealers, making sure they stay fresh.

A casino manager might get a breather here and there, but they also need to walk the floor and monitor everything.

Cruise ship jobs are hard, with long shifts and lots of work under your belt. Working in a casino is not at all different.